Etsy Supports Black Supremacy

If you thought you could avoid supporting Amazon’s big-money, corporate, establishment racism by patronizing Etsy instead, think again.

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Black History Month. They tell us that every other month of the year is de-facto White History Month. Let’s see what Etsy is promoting these days:

This is what I got in an email:

I wonder how they’d react if I tried to sell a shirt that said “Hella White Hella Proud” on their site. Or if I tried to encourage people to “Buy White.” I would try it, but they would surely ban me from their services if I did so.

The Narrative tells us that there’s “systemic,” and “pervasive” anti-black racism in America. If this were truly the case, then we’d be seeing a backlash against corporations for exposing black-owned businesses. If there really was pervasive anti-black racism in our society, then we would be HARMING black-owned businesses by trying to promote them. It would be counterproductive.

The very fact that Corporate America goes out of its way to identify black-owned businesses, and nobody publicly objects, proves that The Narrative is wrong.

We can do our part by patronizing white-owned businesses. Not because we hate black people, but because we want to support the underdog, and take a stand against The Man – just as so many on Reddit recently did, rising up and striking a blow against the fat cats on Wall Street.

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5 Responses to Etsy Supports Black Supremacy

  1. AsheDina TMJ says:

    I see this on Etsy ALL the time now.
    It makes me sick.

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  3. Kookooracharabioso says:

    Years ago, when the races seemed to mix more than these days black people that I knew would discuss how black people are at war at all times in this country. All these years later it’s clear that we haven’t progressed in race relations – we have gone backwards. I wish that blacks would have some community introspection to consider how much racism they have created where there was none before. I’m not saying that there is/was zero racism. I was raised so liberal that I had tears for every minority achievement but after a lifetime of being judged wrongly and treated poorly by them simply due to the color of my skin – they have lost an “ally” in me and worse, I want nothing to do with them in my old age. I never deserved the hate and I refuse to tolerate it anymore. I’ve had to spend a large portion of my life with a gun under my pillow due to their behavior choices and so have many others. Drip drip drip . . . the constant drip of their hate has chiseled a grand canyon of indifference to their cries of suffering.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Well put Kookoo, and I think you speak for many. It’s funny how the corporate media believes that “racism” against blacks is going away because it’s mainly older people who have a problem with blacks. The truth is that it takes decades for a many people to finally realize that the Narrative is fake; by the time they change their attitude, they’re older. So no, “racists” will never die out, because criminal blacks (and their leftist cheerleaders) keep creating new ones.

      • Kookooracharabioso says:

        We need a new word. Self preservation is perceived of as racism but it is self protection. I have seen articles where blacks complain that people who avoid them are racist when they cross the street to avoid passing them on the sidewalk. Naaaaah, I have judged you by your peers and I don’t want to get mugged again. Clean up your community! Own their behaviors and stop asking me to take chances with my very life!

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