Petition for Media to Cover anti-Asian Crime

A recent petition calls upon the Corporate Media to cover anti-Asian hate-crimes more extensively:

An alarming epidemic of hate crimes targeting elderly Asian Americans has spread. A 91-year-old man punched to the ground. A 64-year-old grandmother assaulted. A 61-year-old man slashed on the subway. And dozens more. But, many media outlets are ignoring this violent trend. That’s why the Asian American Collective is calling on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and more to cover hate crimes toward Asian Americans. Sign their petition to help tell this story across the biggest media outlets in the country.

So why is it that every mainstream outlet hasn’t given these mounting assaults, the time of day?

Because Asian Americans still have not been given a voice in mainstream America and it’s time they covered OUR struggles, fights and needs. We are Americans and deserve to live without constant fear, or the fear of our elders being senselessly murdered. 

Recent elderly Asian American assaults + murders:

Vicha Ratanapakdee

 Yik Oi Huang

Mauricio Gesmundo Sr

Noel Quintana

91 Year Old In Oakland (Jacob Azevedo began a GoFundMe in the community to help arm more Asian seniors to defend themselves, you can donate HERE.) 

64-Year Old Grandmother 

…and the list goes on. Never forget Vincent Chin.

We’re asking for the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, WASHPOST, LA TIMES, NYT) to step up and give this national issue some visibility and coverage. We cannot keep this to the AAPI community only, we need this to be a movement and issue ALL Americans are aware of to help prevent these crimes. PLEASE SIGN TO HELP UP KEEP THE PRESSURE ON MEDIA.

If you click on each of the examples listed in the petition, you’ll see that every single one of the known assailants is black. This is one of those situations where all parties involved know exactly WHY the Corporate Media isn’t covering these crimes adequately – but none of them will actually come out and say it: Hate-crimes don’t matter if the perpetrators are black.

Also left unsaid is that there has been a similar epidemic of black-on-white hate crimes – and the Corporate Media is silent about those as well; it’s questionable if would even allow a petition to bring attention to those crimes.

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2 Responses to Petition for Media to Cover anti-Asian Crime

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  2. Kookooracharabioso says:

    When I was coming up in the tri-state area the only recognized minority was black. I consider this to be a black perspective because black racists historically only consider themselves and no other. They don’t recognize anyone else’s marginalization or suffering and when they want to lash out you have no choice but to fight. When you go home and your parents punish you for fighting they use the old “It takes 2 to tango!” This time your parents are wrong. It’s fight or die.

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