A Chinese Girl in the Caribbean

I’m reproducing this Quora answer with permission:

Ruby Mei Le

There are some very nice black people, but many are racist.

I’m Chinese, originally from the Caribbean. I was born there. Life was tremendously difficult and so my family left that island.

There were endless racist incidents, but I’ll only mention a few.

The racial slurs were never-ending. “Ching Chong Chiney man.” “Chiney nyam dawg.” “Go back to China.” It was a rare day when we didn’t get racial slurs hurled at us.

A girl of about seven or eight years old told my mother to go back to China.

School was a bad experience because I was usually picked on by the black students. There were only a handful of Chinese students in the entire school. Not only were the students bad but a few of the teachers too.

My third form English teacher told the class that she watched a program on monkeys the night before. According to her, certain types of monkeys resembled Chinese people. When she said that, the girls in class all turned to look at me and laughed. I was the only Chinese student in that class. It was an all-girl high school.

One day there was a bus strike, and so my sister, one of her classmates and I walked home from grade school. A black man came up to us and told my sister’s classmate not to talk to the “Chiney gal.” My sister was scared stiff. We were just little kids.

One day my brother was out in the store sweeping the floor. A black man ran into the store, yelled “Chiney bwoy” and punched my brother in the face. He left as quickly as he came into the store.

A few times when I was out on the road, people would come up to me and pull my hair and then run off.

They killed many Chinese people, and the killings have continued until today. In any case, my family got tired of the racism and violence and left.

We moved to Canada. A few months in Canada, we heard about two black guys robbing and shooting to death a Chinese guy who was making an after-hours bank deposit in Toronto. So we didn’t escape the violence after all.

I witnessed one racist incident on a bus in Toronto. A Chinese guy asked a black passenger if he could sit because the black guy had his bag on the other seat. The black guy simply stood up and punched the Chinese guy in the face. No one did anything, and the bus continued on.

There’s lots of black-on-Asian violence in the USA too.

“[A] 2008 survey by the Police Department in which about 300 strong-arm robberies were analyzed. ‘In 85 percent of the physical assault crimes, the victims were Asian and the perpetrators were African American’…”

Source: Dirty secret of black-on-Asian violence is out

I highly don’t recommend that Chinese people live in black countries. I met a few very nice black people, but the racism made life unbearable. I’m lucky to be alive.

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    At my company, unsplash.com, we have a couple of Chinese people who had similar experiences with black violence. At unsplash.com we believe in segregation!

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