Should Homosexuality be Considered “Normal?”

My friend Diversity Chronicle has been nudging me to condemn homosexuality for years. My response has been measured. Having suffered from homosexual aggression in the past, I’m not a natural ally to homosexuals; I don’t have warm and fuzzy feelings toward them or their lifestyle. On the other hand, it’s difficult for me to imagine homosexuality as a choice. My gut feeling is that either it’s genetic, congenital or a result of some sort of early childhood experience. Therefore, I refuse to place homosexuals in my “hate zone.” I’m not going to attack people for their personal activities, and I certainly will not advocate for their execution.

But Diversity Chronicle sent me this Bitchute video:

Neither of us is Christian, or religious in any meaningful way, but we do agree that the pastor makes some valid points – points that have been vindicated by what I have personally seen. For my own convenience, I’ll simply paste my correspondence with Diversity Chronicle:

I admire that man for his conviction and courage – and he makes excellent points. It’s not a lifestyle to be encouraged. There are a few flaws in his sermon:

1) He assumes that God’s punishments should be administered by our own secular government today. Maybe, maybe not. It’s not to be taken for granted.

If we assume the bible is the word of God, obviously it’s laws should supersede secular laws, and its laws should be the basis for all civil law, logically, if it is a divine revelation? Most Christians/Jews do not believe this, which makes me think they don’t really believe it is divine revelation in fact. I realize this is a huge assumption in the first place, but I think it does follow logically from that belief. It is not my purpose to argue for or against that position here. My point in recommending the documentary is that, regardless of one’s religious views, there are many important suppressed facts about the harmful nature of homosexuality which I would like to see more widely known. I would recommend the documentary to anyone, for that reason.

2) He assumes that being homosexual is a choice, but I don’t believe that. I’ll admit that it’s a flaw, and a mental disease, but not that it’s a choice.

Choosing to engage in sodomy, or the celibate lifestyle is a choice. A heterosexual can choose to have sex or not have sex. He or she can choose to have parades or not have parades. Also, it is a choice for many lesbians as they  themselves admit. Additionally, given that some homosexuals claim they were cured of it, not getting help or trying to change I believe incurs moral guilt. If you can change possibly, and choose not to try, that is also a choice, choosing not to get help, or to try to self reform. We know about half of homosexual males admit to being molested as a child or teen by an adult man. So, before that most of them were not homosexual? They should be encouraged not to let that past abuse ruin or define the rest of their lives. It isn’t something to celebrate, or tolerate in my view. Homosexuals threaten non-homosexuals since they can now donate blood, and it is not rejected by blood banks, despite their much higher STD rate. They also threaten innocent children given the close relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia, which has been proven and documented. Almost half of adult male homosexuals admit to being sexually molested as children or teenagers by an adult male. I would advocate a zero tolerance policy on homosexuality.

3) He implies that every homosexual man is also attracted to women – based on the Bible. I’m pretty certain this is not so.

I actually think this at least has a lot of truth to it. I saw a homosexual admit once on tv in the 90s he was attracted to some women, he just said it was very rare. He also claimed others had varying degrees of attraction to women. He specifically said he was homosexual, he said nothing about bisexuals. Now this is no longer talked about, but some homosexuals who identify as homosexual did/do admit this. I can’t prove they all have this, but some clearly do. Typically people get angry if this is even pointed out, why so? If they are attracted to women a little bit, it seems to me that may be something that can increase with effort. Because libtardism celebrates the perverse and the defective, they oppose any effort to cure homosexuals or encourage them to be celibate even. Even though their lifestyle is deadly.

I do agree with the pastor that homosexuals tend to be far more promiscuous than others; my own observations of male homosexuals have confirmed this. Men are easy, and the homosexuals I’ve known seem to live lives of one sexual escapade after another. It should be no mystery that they tend to be vectors for disease.

He is also correct in his observation that the Establishment has bent over backwards, even to the point of renaming a disease, to make the homosexual lifestyle look acceptable.

He’s right that homosexual activists should be condemned for having “pride” in their activities. It’s nothing to be proud of – and it certainly shouldn’t be promoted; to do so to our youth is the ultimate depravity. It’s just one more example of how the Establishment Left views children as pawns for their own sick agenda.

He makes a good point that the homosexual lifestyle, coupled with their political agenda, presents dangers to the rest of us. It would be interesting to know how many people have contracted AIDS, or other STIs, due to contaminated blood taken from homosexuals. Both the Red Cross and other organizations have restrictions on donating blood if the donor has had sex with another man – but the fact remains that it’s an honor system. Also, testing is not perfect and the risk, however small, remains.

The fact remains that many worthy individuals have been homosexual. Some prominent white-advocates are homosexual. As stated, I don’t believe they had a choice in the matter, and they (like most of us) keep their sexuality to themselves. We should respect them as human beings, and focus on their positive achievements. Let’s leave the witch hunts for the leftists, and let’s leave divine punishment for God. I’d put them in a similar (and less dangerous) category as pedophiles: Be wary of them, and be especially careful with your children – but don’t persecute them for something they have no control over, even if it appears that some of them do have some control over it.

If homosexuality is a sin, then let he who is sinless cast the first stone.

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9 Responses to Should Homosexuality be Considered “Normal?”

  1. Hi JAY,

    Thanks for posting my comments on this, and a link to the documentary. As you know, I consider homosexuality a scourge threatening the world, that ought to be outlawed. I would like to add one more thing. In the past a documentary was made about homosexuals for children or teenagers, warning them about adult homosexuals who prey upon boys. I would like to post a link to it here. “Boys Beware” is the title. I would encourage everyone to watch this one, as well as the documentary by Pastor Steven Anderson. A portion of this one is also featured in Anderson’s documentary. If you are unwilling to watch an hour long documentary on this topic, this one is about 10 minutes long.

    I am posting multiple links because the powerful homosexual lobby, and its degenerate allies hate free speech on this issue, and will seek to suppress dissenting views. If one of these links fails, try another, or search for this documentary “Boys Beware” from 1961, on other video hosting sites. Boys deserve to be warned about homosexual predators. Please share this video with as many as you can. Let’s help save some from Sodomite rapists.

  2. One more thing… the documentary by Pastor Anderson is called “AIDS The Judgement of God.” I realized that the title wasn’t included in JAY’s original post, although the link has it, that link could later be taken down later. In case the bitchute link goes down it is also here:

    It can be downloaded and saved off the above two links.

    I also wanted to point out, JAY in your post you referenced “let he who is sinless cast the first stone.” This is a quote from the book of John, in the New Testament, sort of. It isn’t in the earliest manuscripts, and so it is a spurious verse, or a later addition to the book, by an unknown editor. See: The best Bible scholars today reject this verse as spurious.

  3. 370H55V says:

    I am basically in agreement with your position, Jay, but I also see the possibility for collateral damage to innocent bystanders.

    I didn’t get married until well into my 40s (to a woman, thank you–this was long before 2015), and because of the traditional positions I took on family issues, no doubt my colleagues at work thought I was in the closet and using those positions as a cover.

    And I have no doubt that even after getting married they were still thinking either “who would be desperate enough to marry him?” or else “well, at least we know he’s not gay–or do we?”

    Less than two years later we moved across the country for my new job. At least no one there knew me as anything other than a husband and father.

    In today’s “woke” climate where homosexuality must not only be “tolerated” but absolutely worshiped, straight incels of a certain age will either have to retreat deep into the closet or else pretend otherwise. I see a future full of “Chuck & Larry” sham marriages in order to provide benefits and deflect the heat.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Indeed, there are many straight people who are mistaken for homosexuals. In fact, I was suspected of being one myself at one point, because I don’t date.

    • Thanks for bringing that point up. A lot of innocent people are victimized by homosexuals. As I mentioned, statistics show about half of adult male homosexuals admit to being sexually abused as a child or teenager by an adult male. That is a LOT of victims! The real number is probably even higher, as many won’t want to admit it! Additionally, some will do a mental re-write of the situation, to try to re-imagine themselves as non-victims but willing participants. Given this, the real number is undoubted much higher.

      I also didn’t even touch the issue of prisoners raped by homosexuals in prison! Some of their victims may be wrongly imprisoned, or have committed a crime such as tax fraud, never having raped or murdered anyone. Do they deserve to be raped by homosexuals? I don’t think so!

      The actual stats of rape victims in prison are much higher I am sure, because many people are ashamed to come forward and admit they got raped by a homosexual. It means that they were physically over powered, and also they were the unwilling participant in sodomy. Of course, a lot of people won’t want to talk about that, or admit it.

      If I had my way, all governments would outlaw homosexuality. every last homosexual would be imprisoned. Those guilty of rape, and other serious crimes would be executed. To do any less is immoral. There are good reasons why every civilization, and major religion condemns homosexuality. Yes, even Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. Not just Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It is treated as such a serious offense in the Bible, that death is the only penalty mentioned for two male homosexuals who commit sodomy. Ancient Greeks also condemned it, before that society declined and went to ruin. Please don’t let the homosexual lobby brainwash you. They also lie and say anyone opposed to it is homosexual, even though entire religions and civilizations oppose it! This is clearly a silencing tactic, used by dishonorable liars.

      Even if you are inclined to a libertarian “live and let live,” view. The fact remains, homosexuals will not respect that. They never have, and they never will. They will continue to rape and sexually abuse innocent children, and even adult men, when they are able. A lot of adult male homosexuals also defend or excuse child sexual abuse now. There is a growing movement doing this. Milo, a homosexual alt-lite figure, who is married to a black man, defended his own sexual abuse by a priest as a child. He claimed that he seduced the priest in fact, when he was 12. George Takei excused and defended his own past sexual abuse, as a child, as well. The more it is tolerated, the more innocent victims will be left dead, battered, abused, and damaged in its wake. Pedophiles are now becoming a protected group, and I believe, will soon join homosexuals, and trans, with the same protected and elevated status. There is a good article about the growing acceptance of pedophilia here:

      This was an inevitable consequence of accepting homosexuality. We should go to war against it, it is closely connected to pedophilia, and child sexual abuse is at least a common way it is spread. Homosexuality is evil. I hate homosexuality, and I am proud of hating it. It is righteous to hate evil, and to be intolerant of those who would harm and abuse innocent victims.

  4. Another reason to oppose the LGBTQ movement is that it is an existential threat to the survival of the race. One study says that less than 50% of teens identify as straight.

    Another says “Only two thirds of Generation Z identify as ‘exclusively heterosexual”

    This is what happens after decades of propaganda, brainwashing, and willful ignorance about pedophiles sexually abusing children. They may well be inflating the numbers for their own purposes, but still this is rapidly expanding. The number of “Trans” people has exploded in recent years as well. All of this is part of an agenda, to attack and destroy our people. They target kids because they can be more easily confused or manipulated by their propaganda. It is evil, and it is child abuse.

    Horrifically, more and more children are being given puberty blockers which harm them for life, because they have been brainwashed into identifying as trans, or told that they are by criminal and mentally ill therapists, and parents. Acceptance of homosexuality led to acceptance of trans, which led to this horrible child abuse. It is a package deal. Next it will lead to the legalization of pedophilia. It must be stopped. The existential threat posed by the LGBTQ movement to the white family, and our very survival means that defeating it must be one of our top priorities.

  5. pharmaceptica says:

    I work at an online pharmacy,, and I’ve noticed that the homosexual lifestyle is unhealthy. It’s harmful, and if I had my druthers, it would be illegal. Those homosexuals are a burden on society!

  6. pharmacepticacom says:

    I work for and let me tell you this: my company does NOT support the homosexual lifestyle! We won’t hire homosexuals, and we try not to do business with them either!!

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