Qatar’s Al Jazeera Launches Right-Wing News Platform

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Qatar’s Al Jazeera Launches Right-Wing News Platform For Americans “Who Feel Left Out” Of MSM

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Qatar’s Al Jazeera Launches Right-Wing News Platform For Americans “Who Feel Left Out” Of MSM

This is smart. You know how much money these people will make doing this? (Yes, I believe in making money) I really feel grateful to the Qatari’s. It’s sad and disgusting that we have to look OUTSIDE of our own nation for news sources and platforms but Commie’s gotta Commie here in AmeriKa.

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This goes hand in hand with the Chinese recently inviting “old white guys” to work in China. From Reuters:

Breakingviews – China Inc will recycle used white guys

NEW YORK (Reuters Breakingviews) – American company men may find a savior in China Inc. As corporations try to make their ranks more ethnically representative, many experienced – if white and older – males will find themselves without a job. Chinese companies, deterred from acquiring U.S. firms with valuable intellectual property, can recruit their discarded human capital instead.

Some of the largest U.S. companies are moving quickly to rebalance their headcount. At Apple, for example, women made up 38% of workers under 30 in 2018 versus just 31% four years earlier. The share of under-represented minorities in that group rose 10 percentage points to 35%. Meantime the employment-to-population ratio of white men fell from 76% in 1972 to 67% in 2018.

The coming year should be a banner one for diversity. California has rolled out quotas for boards; Nasdaq is considering requirements for listings. Companies from Wells Fargo to Google to Delta Air Lines have diversity hiring goals in place.

The goal is to reach new customers and positively transform corporate cultures. In the immediate term that may translate into net layoffs of older, more expensive, Caucasian men.

Some of those hitting the streets, resumé in hand, will have value for the right employer. Economic research firm Sonecon put the price of intellectual capital of U.S. companies at $9.2 trillion in 2011. Acquiring that by buying companies will be difficult under President-elect Joe Biden, who is expected to continue the crackdown on Chinese acquisitions. Poaching talent is easier and, in some cases, may be more efficient.

Should white men, who have been betrayed by their own countries, seek their fortunes elsewhere? I think they should at least consider it. What do you think?

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4 Responses to Qatar’s Al Jazeera Launches Right-Wing News Platform

  1. AsheDina TMJ says:

    While it should be a damned crime to not be respected in the nations they built….I think white men are APPRECIATED in other countries.

    After all, its the white man they call when animals are stuck. White males they call for engineering issues, building bridges, skyscrapers, oil fields, etc.

    Its wise to work with those who understand your talents and gifts and respect you. Why not.

  2. I looked this up and found an article on NPR.

    One host, who will be on the network, says “This show is a forum about the fight within the right over its commitment to liberalism, the ethic of accommodation, and openness,”

    It sounds to me like a network designed to lead cuckservatives toward showing more “accommodation” and “openness,” just as the aforementioned host said. I’ll pass. I am interested in racial nationalism (survival for whites, and embracing a healthy racial identity,) not the “right,” which made clear it despises me and my people. It sounds like this network will make it even more clear the right is anti white, so maybe I should welcome it. Blacks spent the last year burning down America, and Trump offered them free money and let them out of prison to say thanks, and he was supposed to be the “nationalist’ of the party. No thanks. Once again, cuckservatives, please leave the plantation!

  3. Salco says:

    They must be getting bored, or emboldened to the point of creative inspiration.

    Al Jazeera catering the the Right Wing seems like a propaganda trap by an alphabet agency (foreign or otherwise).

    The Left’s arguments rely on stigma. Because logic, moral and otherwise, isn’t available.

    Examples of stigmatized words: racist. white, colonial, karen, history, etc

    Stigmatized words on the right include: Islamic (right or wrong), among others.

    For the Left, they only need to substitute in one of these value store words in order to give the illusion of argument. The penalty of the word sticking to you is enforced by the press.

    The Right’s stigmatized words are not enforced by press-incited violence and persecution, and so are less effectively stigmatized.

    Its been so effective for the Left that rebuttal on mainstream channels is scarcely allowed.

    If Al Jazeera begins putting out Right Wing content, some American conservatives will read it. A large many won’t.

    But the existence of a highly visible, Islamic sourced Right Wing propaganda outlet will given the every level (important) of the Left a strong, new stigmatized association to use against the Right: an association with the Islamic World that the Right itself endeavored to stigmatize.

    This is especially important in an era in which the president orders extra-legal drone strikes that are carried out on Islamic targets, there is a precedent for an extra-judicial drone strike on an American citizen, and there is a detectable undercurrent of a signal that reveals that there is a will to use extra-judicial drone strikes on American citizens on American soil.

    Objectively speaking, American democracy effectively ended the second that John Brennan began publicly (and theatrically) commenting on politics. No one honest and with more than a child’s innocence in regard to State level mechanics of the World would or could claim otherwise.

    Anyone with any sense of the history of security agency dominance in politics (ie: the USSR) would tell you that a man like John Brennan wishing you Happy Birthday on a public channel is equivalent to the most dire warning and threat of death.

    Doing what Brennan did, in terms of his Trump commentary, is so far beyond anything that could be deemed “democratic” and non-threatening that it defies normalcy even for threats of death. It can only be explained by a perceived need to successfully communicate a clear open death threat to an incredibly dense nation spoiled by centuries of libertarianism.

    Everything else, since, variously should be considered a tightening vice or a trap.

    This particular part of the vice is more than obvious. Consider it to be the next obvious step after slandering the right as Russian agents for the span of Trump’s term (slander that did its stigmatizing work, which glaringly has not been corrected).

    The USA Right is being painted as Eastern (Russian, Islamic) agents in order to justify something.

    The only marginally interesting question, going forward, is how long this has been a plan and who knew about it. I’d guess that it goes back longer than one might think.

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