We are All Flat-Earthers

Everybody needs somebody to ridicule so that they can feel superior, and Flat-Earthers are definitely near the bottom of the pecking order.

But I’ve always held some admiration for this group. It’s not that I believe their theories have merit. What I admire about them is their willingness to challenge Orthodoxy, to question some of the most cherished pillars of science, and even go public about it. This takes a certain amount of open-mindedness and courage. We can respect these traits, while at the same time rejecting their actual beliefs.

I’d like to share this excellent YouTube video by Sabine Hossenfelder:

In a nutshell, she points out that the root of Flat-Earthism is skepticism of establishment science, and a need to verify things first-hand.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because many of us share the same attitude. We’ve been confronted with establishment “science” dishonesty over and over again. People with impressive degrees and titles abuse their influence to push a false racial narrative upon an unsuspecting public.

Scientists can only lie so many times before they lose credibility altogether. The same applies to the Corporate Media. If we can’t trust scientists, and we can’t trust the Media, then who CAN we trust? We can only trust our own senses, and we can only act upon our own conclusions.

The problem is that, even among truth-seekers, a large proportion will be of below average intelligence – and even those of exceptional intelligence cannot possibly gain enough expertise to outwit the experts all the time.

Modern civilization is built upon specialization, because smart as we are, nobody can master all fields; the age of the Renaissance Man is past. Entire libraries exist solely for highly specialized fields, many of which the average layman doesn’t even know exist.

We can challenge the experts in fields such as geography, cosmology, philosophy and linguistics, and survive intact. Nobody has died because he believed the Earth is perched upon a giant turtle.

But we venture into trickier territory when it comes to medicine, law or practical science such as chemistry or electronics. As stated, even truth-seekers can be of lower intelligence – or perhaps they simply lack common sense.

Imagine a classroom where an instructor teaches the children things that are obviously false. For hours, he lectures them about the ants that built the school, how it’s sunny outside, when it’s clearly overcast, about some of the students actually being aliens, and that they are standing, when they are actually sitting. At some point, after the students have figured out that the instructor is not to be taken seriously, they are told that it’s dangerous to insert metal forks into the electrical outlets.

Would we judge the parents harshly if, after some of the children are electrocuted, they administer street justice to said instructor?

This is the situation we have today. The Media cannot be trusted, and neither can our scientists. It should come as no surprise that, at times like these, crazy conspiracy theories abound… but don’t blame the theorists; blame those whose responsibility it was to carry the torch of Truth, but have chosen to replace it with the Torch of Dogma.

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