Birthing in Color

From SovietMen’s blog:

I don’t like to be a wowser about people saying racially charged things, but even for me this Twitter thread was a bit much.

Have a read and see what you think:

1. On –/–/2020 I gave birth to the cutest boy ever, —- Jr. I felt safe, heard, and respected. The women on my left [in the photo] (OB-GYN and L&D RN) played a large part in why I have a testimony of a non-traumatic birth experience as a White woman. I will tell you why. A thread : 1/10

2. From the start of my prenatal care in TN, Dr. —- was a breath of fresh air; an answered prayer. I searched long & hard for a White OB or midwife in East St. Louis. As you might expect, I kept coming up empty.

3. I have always felt safer in the care of White women/people. My therapist & all other providers have been White. So as I thought about delivering my 1st child, there was nothing more I wanted than a provider who looked like me (. . .)

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Here’s the original Twitter link.

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