No #Mask In Bath & Body Works? Get Beaten Up By Their Employees

The Mad Jewess writes:

No mask in bath and body works? Get beaten up by their employees.
This is repulsive. The Covid19 has turned people into little Nazis faster than you can say “Jack Robinson”.

Tell you what….the more these psycho’s act like this? I go out without a mask ALL THE MORE. Why? Now, Im begging for a fight. HOPING I can use my physical self-defense skills. reported the incident, and pointed out several times that the woman in question is white – even though race seems to have no relevance to the story. Nobody seems to be claiming that racial epithets were used, or that racial animus had anything to do with it.

Yet the journalist, Tara Mahadevan, sees nothing wrong with pointing out that the maskless woman is white. Would she have pointed out that a murderer, rapist, robber or looter is black? I doubt it.

In many places, private businesses are required by law to restrict entrance to those who are wearing masks. Even in locations where it’s not a requirement, we can’t expect all business owners to be experts on disease control, or to be well-versed in the latest conspiracies. Therefore, we shouldn’t blame businesses for complying, and requiring all customers to wear a mask. Whether we agree with it or not, we should all be wearing masks when entering such businesses. Therefore, I’m not going to side with the “white woman” here; she probably should have been wearing a mask.

That being said, there was no justification for physically assaulting her, and I hope the employee in question gets prosecuted for assault. Also, Mahadevan and should be called out for white-bashing. So should Twitter, for allowing “Genevieve” to white-bash – and it’s likely that Twitter will not consider this a violation.

Following standard Leftist protocol, there is no Comment section for the article.

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  1. AsheDina TMJ says:

    Of course they point out the race. Creeps.

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