Conservatives Lash Out Against Cancel Culture

Watch this Fox video, where British journalist Douglas Murray takes a stand against Cancel Culture.

I sympathize with his outrage over Cancel Culture, and I agree with most of what he says – however, what ISN’T said is more important than what IS said.

What they fail to mention is that had Prince Harry married a white woman, none of this would have happened. There would have been no scandal. I fail to see the “benefit” of Diversity in any of this. It would have been far more beneficial, to Britain and the royal family, had they avoided miscegenation altogether.

Like other members of the elite, Prince Harry doesn’t read this blog, nor any other pro-white literature. All he knows is the establishment orthodoxy that he’s been spoon-fed since infancy. Now that he’s grown up, he’s tasted the fruit of Diversity – and poisoned the ancient royal establishment from which he sprang. He’s stepped in a dog pile, and tracked it all over his house.

Wouldn’t it be glorious if the Queen Mother, at the end of her long life, spoke up against Diversity, the destruction of her own nation, and Cancel Culture? I’m not counting on it.

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One Response to Conservatives Lash Out Against Cancel Culture

  1. Syrius George says:

    Its a fake scandal, meant to make ostensibly Royalty-estranged “American” out of Archie and any future child.

    The Queen isn’t going to say anything.

    This is 100% approved theater, along with the supposed rift that now has British Royals living in LA and Harry marrying Markle to begin with (the latter isn’t necessarily theater but it was planned).

    Markle is the quintessential (Royal) Amerimutt, is she not? Now there are little Royal Amerimutts that are the reflection of their vision of America Present and Future.

    Jeb did the same thing for the Bushes in relation to Latinos / Mexico. That’s a long connection that will outlast their 2016 election defeat.

    Le 51% requires Le Royal 51% aristocrats, leaders, and rulers.

    What that type of commitment and planning says about their present and future vision for the Nation is worse than cancel culture.

    This is an age old technique, however, updated for the modern world.

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