Newsweek Being “Honest” about Anti-Asian Violence

Even though the corporate media cannot truly be honest about “hate-crimes,” especially when dealing with recent anti-Asian attacks, it’s still possible to approach the truth somewhat – at least if it’s a non-white journalist doing the reporting.

Thus we see Zaid Jilani writing for Newsweek:

The nation is reeling from the news of three shootings that took place at Asian-owned massage parlors in Atlanta; the suspect, a young white man, is in custody and has admitted to the murders. The attack is the latest in a series of high-profile crimes from coast to coast that have victimized Asian-Americans, though initial reports suggest that the latest crime may not be motivated by anti-Asian hatred. The attacker reportedly saw the parlors as a “temptation he wanted to eliminate,” suggesting a perverse sexual violence-related motive rather than a racial one.

But this has not stopped progressives from blaming the murders on white supremacy, as they have been for the duration of this epidemic of violence against Asian Americans. Democratic politicians, liberal-leaning media outlets, and the progressive nonprofit world have been quick to blame “white supremacy” or right-wing political rhetoric about COVID-19 for the brutal attacks, and the attack in Atlanta has been cast as the culmination of these forces; the news that race may not have been a factor in this attack will probably not shake their conviction that the greatest threat to Asian Americans right now comes from white supremacy.

And yet, unlike the suspect arrested for the crimes in Atlanta’s, few of the attackers in most of these cases are even white, let alone white supremacists.

Jilani goes on to blame poverty and racial stereotypes for black-on-Asian violence – thus (probably) saving his career. Had he simply blamed blacks for the violence, in the same way whites are blamed for (perceived) group shortcomings, he most likely would have been cancelled.

Another Newsweek article is eager to point out the race of the Atlanta shooter, mentioning it in the third paragraph:

Former President Donald Trump referred to COVID-19 as the “China virus” in a television interview on the night that several Asian women were shot dead at three massage parlors in Georgia.

Eight people were killed, six of them Asian women, in shootings that took place on Tuesday evening, authorities said. The first was at Young’s Asian Massage along Highway 92 in Acworth, about 30 miles from Atlanta, around 5 p.m. Two more shootings took place in Atlanta about an hour later.

A 21-year-old white man, Robert Aaron Long, was later taken into custody.

In that article, Khaleda Rahman doesn’t even bother pointing out that a disproportionate number of such attacks are committed by blacks – even though she spilled much ink blaming Trump for the attacks. We’re not told how many of the perpetrators cited Trump’s rhetoric as their motive. We can safely guess that the answer to that question would be NONE.

As for the recent shootings in Atlanta, whatever the shooter’s motivations turn out to be, I hope he gets executed for his crimes. Also, I have the utmost confidence in the Establishment Left that it will find a way to blame “white-supremacy.”

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2 Responses to Newsweek Being “Honest” about Anti-Asian Violence

  1. Zig says:

    The Press pushing the “White supremacy” angle reads as Russian-sourced social division propaganda to me. No?

    How deep have the Russians infiltrated our Press institution?

    Anglo / Jewish White and Asian social affinity is a reality that the Left hates.

    We tend to like them, and they tend to like us. They largely immigrate here to be in our society, and have negative views toward “others”. It’s a natural result of a largely overlapping IQ and EQ ranges, especially for “Whites” (as niched groups) who aren’t as “emotional”. Not all Asian groups are the same, either.

    Nothing will change the affinity equation. Asians largely know what the score is. The press pushing this too hard will have the actual crime stats start to pop out more than they will be comfortable with, and not necessarily due to White keyboards. Blacks and Asians aren’t going to form a meaningful anti-White coalition anytime soon. The everyday social antipathy between Whites and Asians just isn’t there and it never will be. But (Northeast) Asians will still be fleeing Black neighborhoods 100%.

    The Press is pushing toward an attempt at anti-White large scale violence. They have been for decades. Using their own Nat Sec standards from their post capitol riot opinion pages, the Press should be elbow deep in FBI / NSA investigations over inciting violence over decades and their possible connections to international bad actors with a stake in that hope.

    They’re chipping away at it with every opportunity, no matter the lying requirement. That’s the Nation that we have, strangely. Thanks to the Russians (or Martians, or whatever favorite baddie cop-out is used to escape having to win an argument or election on its own merits that they are using this week).

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