Not All Falls are Equal

I’m always the last person to view viral political videos. As a matter of fact, to this day, I haven’t viewed the entire George Floyd “knee on neck” video; even if it only LOOKS like he’s being choked by the cop, and crying for his mother, I wouldn’t enjoy watching it. I don’t even like watching fictional movie scenes of that nature.

But when I stumbled upon a Forbes article that downplayed Biden’s falls on Air-Force One, I realized that people are ignoring the obvious: Watch the other presidential stumbles that Suzanne Rowan Kelleher uses for comparison.

In the first one, involving President Ford, he was helping his wife down the stairs when it happened, and even then, it was one fall. He didn’t struggle, nor was he disoriented; he simply fell. It’s hard to read anything into it, except that he had a fall.

The second “gaffe,” involving President Trump, wasn’t even a stumble at all; it was simply a piece of paper stuck to his shoe. How this is comparable to Biden’s fall escapes me. Obviously, Miss Kelleher is grasping at straws here to find ANYTHING that might minimize what happened with Biden. All the other incidents were actual falls and stumbles. She deliberately expanded her criteria just to include Trump’s piece of paper.

The third and fourth (honorable mentions) stumbles, involving Vice President Pence and President Obama, aren’t even remotely comparable to Biden’s stumble. Both of them were walking at an excessive pace, clearly overconfident in their own youth and vigor. They both stumbled once, and quickly gained composure.

What about Biden? He stumbled THREE times, and he was clearly disoriented, seemingly trying to rediscover his feet at one point. We get the impression that he’s trying to put on a show of health and youth – but fails miserably.

I couldn’t help but notice that all the other “stumbling” videos in the Forbes article can be viewed within the article itself – but not the one with Biden stumbling; that one has embedding disabled. It’s possible that this happened after the article was published, but it is convenient that readers can’t easily see it, and compare it to the other incidents.

Biden is falling apart, and he’s taking the country with him!

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