Happy Passover!

To all my Jewish readers, I wish y’all a happy Passover. To all my Gentile readers, I wish y’all a deliverance from slavery under the yoke of the strange god of Diversity. May the blessings of peoplehood, liberty, strength and courage be upon you!

We can’t know for certain, but the Hebrews in Egypt were probably an ill-defined people. Some were probably assimilated into Egyptian culture, speaking the Egyptian language and worshiping Egyptian gods. They spoke like Egyptians, married Egyptians, dressed like Egyptians – and probably even walked like Egyptians.

But persecution forced them to make a choice: Are they truly Egyptians, or are they Hebrews? This choice solidified the formation of my own nation, the Jews. In the same way, intensifying persecution against whites is forcing many people to ask themselves about their identity. Are they deracinated consumer units, or are they members of a great and upcoming White-American nation? Events in their lives sometimes make that choice an easier one – for example, when non-whites attack them, or when self-hating whites disparage them and deny them benefits or rights.

White Americans don’t have the benefit of a Moses, and nobody’s going to split the sea for them – but each white person can be his own Moses. Deep inside each and every one of us is a Moses; he simply needs to be set free.

Set your Moses free.

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  1. 370H55V says:

    Thanks much, and a ziesen pesach to you too, Jay.

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