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My friend, Diversity Chronicle, sent me an article from the “Chicago Unheard” blog. My friend pointed out that the article is pure, unadulterated, hogwash. It claims that white people, specifically white liberals, are “racist” for clinging to one of the few shreds of humanity they still have: Caring about their own children.

Many White folks, especially northern white liberals who voted for Obama, would argue they are not racist, even while they actively cause harm to Black folks by their racist actions.  

Since so many people don’t know what racism is or how they are racist, here are three racist things that northern White liberals do: 

1. Engage in “White flight”—when poor Black folks move close to White folks, they flee and move to racially segregated, high-income communities. Today, White flight can also take on subtler forms, especially involving schooling—it can be the decision to apply for a magnet school with more white students than a family’s neighborhood school.

2. Live in high-income, racially-segregated communities that are not accessible to poor Black folks. 

3. Enroll their children in racially-segregated, high-income schools that are not accessible to poor Black folks. 

It never occurs to the author, ShaRhonda Knott-Dawson, that parents don’t want their children to suffer the attacks and indignities that I suffered in majority-black schools. Yes, protecting your own kids from harm is now “racist!”

The article is such drivel that it doesn’t merit a point-by-point refutation. I did want to draw attention to the name of the blog: Chicago Unheard.

It’s a common tactic, among Communists, to describe things as the opposite of what they really are. Just as they love to accuse their opponents of crimes that they, themselves, are guilty of, so too do they describe their own narratives as “unheard.” They like to think of themselves as downtrodden and “marginalized.”

I couldn’t help but notice that Chicago Unheard has a Twitter page and a Facebook page; it hasn’t been cancelled. So much for being “unheard.” In real life, people who are “unheard” are censored by those in power.

The blog is managed by a “liberal white person” named Maureen Kelleher. She is also a senior writer and editor at Brightbeam. Who supports Brightbeam?

We’re grateful to our funders, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Walton Family Foundation, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the City Fund, for helping support the work of dozens of advocates, activists and contributors all across the country.

It turns out that Brightbeam is funded by some of the wealthiest people on Earth. Considering the above, the name “Chicago Unheard” rings hollow.

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