Biden Cites Black-on-White Homocide

How often have we heard the mantra that black-on-white gun violence is not an issue, that it’s a rare exception to the rule that gun violence is overwhelmingly intra-racial? Too often to count.

In 2018, the SPLC told us that:

One of the most exaggerated statistics was about the number of white people killed by other white people. Trump’s tweet claimed the number was 16 percent, while the FBI’s data shows it is 82 percent. The tweet also asserted that 81 percent of whites are killed by black people; the FBI number is 15 percent. As the Post concluded, “Trump cast blacks as the primary killers of whites, but the exact opposite is true. By overwhelming percentages, whites tend to kill other whites. Similarly, blacks tend to kill other blacks. These trends have been observed for decades.”

Yes, it’s true that most homicides are intra-racial – but this hasn’t stopped BLM from focusing exclusively on white cop-on-black incidents, while ignoring black-on-black incidents. It hasn’t stopped the SPLC from focusing exclusively on white-on-black homicides, which was brought up earlier in the same article, and described as “horrific violence.”

The SPLC, as far as I can tell, only brings up the Knoxville Horror (obviously, not by that name) 4 times on it’s website, based on results when we type “Channon Christian” or “Christopher Newsome” into their search bar. While it does describe the crime as “horrific” the point of all these articles is to claim that the incident is “exploited to attack blacks.”

Meanwhile, a search for Dylan Roof yields 14 results; all of these articles focus on white-on-black crime. It’s true that the body-count in the Roof incident was higher than the Knoxville Horror, but reasonable people would argue that the sheer sadism that the Knoxville perpetrators visited upon their victims more than makes up for this. Both incidents were horrific – but only the Dylan Roof incident advances the agenda of the SPLC in its own right. In citing both crimes, the SPLC’s only concern is the welfare of blacks; the welfare of whites is not even on its radar.

The reason I bring up the SPLC is that the FBI and much of the Corporate Media drink from its tainted well.

A Google search for “Is black on white violence a problem?” yields results that are almost exclusively about “black on black crime.” The only first-page exception is an SPLC article titled “The biggest lie in the white-supremacist propaganda.” In contrast, the same search in Duckduckgo yields results that are actually relevant.

The powers that be obviously want us to ignore black-on-white crime, or at least to consider it a non-issue.

And yet Biden has just cited the massacre of a white family, by a black man, to support his gun-control agenda. In other words, black-on-white crime is only useful as a tool to promote an anti-gun agenda. Rest assured that no reporters will be asking Biden about the racial aspect of the above massacre in his next press conference.

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