KKK White Lives Matter Protest in Orange County

I can’t help but be tickled when I see grown ups getting riled up over twisted definitions. When Establishment Left authorities, and their brainwashed lackeys, condemned the participants of a small White Lives Matter protest in Orange Country, California, they appeared to base their opinion upon a flawed definition of hate.

From Dictionary.com:

1. to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.

2. to be unwilling; dislike: I hate to do it.

Newsweek reported on the event:

“While the OC NAACP applauds the efforts of peaceful protest nationwide, we do not sanction this particular event and seek to make our position clear on this issue. Our prayers are for the safety of all individuals, and we would never impede on anyone’s right to freedom of speech…

The press release appeared to be in reference to a tweet circulating about the counter-protest at the Huntington Beach Pier on Sunday that vowed to “shut [the] Klan rally dwn [sic].” A flyer shared on Twitter asked those who plan to get involved to reach out to someone who says he’s the founder of Huntington Beach’s Black Lives Matter and a member of the OC NAACP…

The city council had voted to support a counter-protest earlier this week. The proposal was approved unanimously 7-0 on Wednesday. A councilwoman had also proposed an event that would promote diversity at the same time as the rally, but opted to hold the event a week later on April 18 in the interest of keeping safety resources available.

Ahead of the protests, there have been reports that white supremacist propaganda has sprung up in California cities. People have shared images of flyers posted outside businesses with slogans such as the “14 words.”

Local police have also prepared for the event and officials have also spoken out against white supremacists coming to the community.

“I’m extremely disheartened that somebody used our community as a platform to spread hate,” Long Beach City Councilman Al Austin told the… Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr also denounced the planned White Lives Matter rally.

“The KKK fliers are a cowardly attempt to drum up support for a hateful cause that is in contradiction to Huntington Beach’s values of integrity, respect and inclusivity. We have zero tolerance for racism in our City, and while we absolutely support the First Amendment, we stand strongly against hiding behind it to promote hate,” she said in an April 5 statement.

Firstly, I’ll applaud the Orange County NAACP for publicly defending freedom of speech, even for those with whom they are ideologically opposed.

As for the Orange County City Council, they’re way out of line. As individuals, they have every right to support, or oppose, any cause they choose – but to officially condemn white advocacy as “white-supremacy” and “hate” is inaccurate and harmful. Elected officials should not use their official bull horns to disparage any ethnic group or ethnic advocacy group.

Following a link to a different Newsweek article titled White Supremacist Propaganda Appears in California Cities as They Brace for White Lives Matter Rally, we see details about what led up to the protest – including the following flyer:

The impression I get is that these local KKK activists are not very well educated. If you’re going to put up flyers, first make sure you know the difference between “to” and “too.” Have somebody proofread it before posting it.

Is the KKK a “hate group?” Firstly, there is no single KKK group in the United States; just like Antifa, it’s a loose ideology. There is no trademark on the name “KKK.” anybody can use it. It’s possible that the group in question is based on hate, and that they gather privately to figure out how to harm people they don’t like. Short of attending their meetings, there’s no way to tell…

… and it’s immaterial to the matter at hand; in this instance, they gathered to defend white people, not to express hate toward anybody else. By no stretch of the imagination can support for an ethnic group reasonably be called hate.

When we consider the fact that, at the same time the powers-that-be were condemning pro-white activities, they were supporting pro-black activities, it becomes clear who the real haters are – and it’s not the KKK.

People have been so conditioned to associate “hate” with certain symbols and names that they’ve completely lost sight of what “hate” actually means. If the two opposing sides were to sit down, like adults, and analyze their positions using logic, they’d probably discover that there’s not very much they actually disagree on.

I wasn’t there, but it seems likely that the pro-white protesters would have been receptive to such a discussion. As for the “anti-racist” mob, it was too busy chanting slogans and shrieking hackneyed buzzwords.

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  1. I’m assuming the flyer was written by an FBI plant trying to write like he thinks a dumb white supremacist would write. Also suspect that the NAACP is not too worried about the KKK rally because they know most attendees will be agents who are only there to entrap anyone dull enough to think the KKK still exists.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, I suspect you’re right. BTW, this new wordpress platform doesn’t allow us to upvote comments, or “like” posts. I’m sure there’s a plugin for that, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

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