The Killers of Science Have Blood on their Hands

“Science” has been compromised by Cultural Marxism – to the point where we can no longer trust our scientists when the issue relates to race in any way. Unfortunately, almost all issues can now be connected with race. Even the term “black hole” has been called “racist.”

As I’ve pointed out before, when trust in scientists is lost, the stakes are high. People no longer trust establishment medicine, engineers or purveyors of technology; they fear that ulterior motives lurk behind every program or decision. The result is needless death, and the ultimate collapse of our civilization.

Here’s a first-person account, from the realm of medicine, that was provided on Quora:

I am listening to a national science meeting because my husband can’t keep his earphones charged. So imagine sitting on a Saturday trying to have a cup of coffee and having to listen to this bullshit. Our speaker is on mute, thank god, so they can’t hear my comments. Heaven forbid someone finds out about my opinion.

Anyway, they are talking about two new genes that are linked with prostate cancer in Black men. This is big time exciting, because Black men have worse outcomes from prostate cancer. So they literally said, “We know that these genes are not linked to worse outcomes for prostate cancer because we know that worse outcomes are due to systemic racism such as fear of police brutality.” I shit you not. So Black men’s prostates live in cancerous fear of police? Okaaaaay. And Black men’s genetic genes have NOTHING to do with cancer? Okaaaaay. Sure. We know that. For sure. But here is the kicker—nobody questioned this. Nobody. Questioned. This. Science is literally dead. It has been hijacked by the Inquisitors of the Church of Woke, WBUU. (Woke be upon us). Prove it? How DARE you question the Orthodoxy!

Then, they were talking about how racist it was to screen Black men using race as a reason to screen for cancer, and they said, because “race is a social construct, it is not genetic.” By this time, I was like WTF are they…. never mind.

I guess I am racist because I am more aggressive about screening for prostate cancer in Black men? Because they are more at risk? Even if it were true that prostate cancer is due to fear of police brutality, shouldn’t I still screen Black men more? Wouldn’t that—you know—“save their lives?” Call me crazy, I guess. I just like saving lives using science not bullshit. And shouldn’t I screen all of my addicted patients of all races if fear of police causes prostate cancer? Because trust me, I have a lot of patients who live in fear of the police. Hm. So many questions. God forbid I should find increased “genes” causing cancer. Oh hell no. That might create—CURES instead of victims.

This was real scientists in real US and I was so glad I was not in that convo because if I had been, I would have carefully and thoughtfully pointed out how they just contradicted their own argument, and how “it isn’t science to say we know things when we actually don’t know them and especially when it seems highly likely to be made up.” That sort of thing used to happen EVERY DAY in EVERY science meeting as colleagues would literally rip into your research like a pack of rabid dogs trying to prove you wrong. You would expect hard questions and be prepared to defend your ideas. But now? Now there is only silence. Nobody is dumb enough to say anything if they hope to be employed in the morning.

I remember Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring.” It was about how toxic waste in the environment would kill all the birds, bees, and frogs until one Spring morning you will wake up and hear nothing. Well, the toxin of Woke Orthodoxy has seeped into science, poisoning reason, debate, and intellectual honesty. And now we awaken to our own Silent Spring…

Notice that the writer capitalizes “Black.” Nevertheless, her answer was collapsed – even with 555 upvotes as of this writing.

This is why, when our detractors tell us that “science has disproved the existence of race,” or that “there are no meaningful genetic differences between human populations,” we ignore them; such declarations are about as meaningful as the Church’s declaration, to Galileo, that the Earth is at the center of the Universe.

If these “scientists,” and their followers, want to be taken seriously, then they need to stop the Inquisition. Only then can we resume the advance of real science in all fields.

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