Communists Attacking Communists!

Why would Communists attack other Communists? Perhaps it’s a Bolshevik versus Menshevik scenario. Either way, enjoy the footage, courtesy of The Washington Examiner.

In other news, the Republican Party, which has been tirelessly implementing The Great Replacement, now has the audacity to send me the following email:

Tucker Carlson is right.

The Radical Left’s desire to try and cancel anything they don’t like is DANGEROUS. Nothing will stop them from trying to force their twisted ideas on the American People. 

If we lose this battle, America is lost. That’s why it’s CRITICAL you activate your 2021 Sustaining Membership and ensure we have the necessary resources to STOP the Radical Left.

As a 2021 Sustaining Member, you’ll be defending conservative voices, like Tucker Carlson, in the struggle against Radical Left Cancel Culture. Don’t wait, your Country needs you.

Please contribute $5 or MORE in the NEXT HOUR and activate your 2021 Sustaining Membership to help fight Cancel Culture. >>


Thank you,

Republican National Committee HQ

No thanks. If, and when, the Republican Party changes course, and actually shows it cares about white Americans, I might consider donating. Until then, shame on them for working against the interests of white Americans, and then exploiting Tucker Carlson for pointing it out (sort of).

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  1. 370H55V says:

    NEVER give to the RNC. Donate only directly to GOP candidates not bought by Big Tech and the corporate Left.

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