The Problem with White-Supremacy Denial

On the face of it, Zachary Faria’s recent editorial, at the Washington Chronicle, is spot on. Titled, “The surge in white supremacy is such a problem that people keep inventing examples,” it seems to build a solid case:

Some 400 former Jeopardy! contestants illustrated both points to perfection, demanding an apology from contestant Kelly Donohue for a gesture that, “whether intentional or not, resembled very closely a gesture that has been coopted by white power groups.”

That symbol was actually just a hand gesture to indicate the number three. Anyone who has watched a game of basketball at nearly any level of skill would recognize it. Donohue was indicating that he had won three times on the show, continuing the trend he started after his first and second wins.

But that didn’t matter. Apparently, more than 400 people who have been on Jeopardy! do not recognize the number three. But they do recognize what the Anti-Defamation League foolishly considers a hate symbol. Everyone wants to earn praise for pushing back on white supremacy. So much so that some people have to make up opponents to fight against…

The search for white supremacists is so rabid that a San Diego Gas and Electric Employee was fired for incidentally making that same hand symbol while cracking his knuckles. He was a Mexican-American.

When it comes to witch-hunts, our era is more dangerous than previous generations. Never has an apparatus of propaganda had such a powerful hold on the population, never has government had so many tools to control its population, and never has the population been so large that a steady stream of narrative-confirming stories can be harvested. It’s the perfect storm, and the only thing we have going for us is that bloodshed isn’t as acceptable as it was in the past… at least for now.

Faria’s editorial is a good one, in that it illustrates the excesses of our current witch-hunt. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go so far as to actually CONDEMN the witch-hunt. On the contrary, describing the Charlottesville protesters, he writes:

But it’s been nearly four years since the despicable collection of racist losers assembled in Charlottesville, Virginia. They were the outlier, not the norm.

It would have been helpful to point out that, by its very nature, Unite the Right included people of various ideologies, only a few of whom were toxic. Trump was right; there WERE good people there. By neglecting to point this out, Faria is actually supporting The Narrative, not criticizing it. In a perfect world, people like Faria would point out that white-advocacy is not only legitimate, but commendable. Instead, he implies that white-advocates are evil, but people shouldn’t be excessively alarmed, because there are actually very few of us.

As more and more whites become aware that there’s a campaign of genocide brewing against them, we’ll see increasing expressions of white solidarity. When confronted by such signs of rebellion, weak-minded people might conclude that Faria was wrong, and that “white-supremacy” is all around us, and a serious threat.

What do you think? Is Faria’s editorial a refreshing piece of journalistic honesty, or insidious propaganda?

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4 Responses to The Problem with White-Supremacy Denial

  1. Fred says:

    Its more of the same gatekeeping nonsense designed to allow the gatekeepers to remain inside the gate themselves, while never allowing for any progress for the Right.

    Faria signals to the Right that the Left is being a Bad Left, as they believe. Faria signals that he is within the gates.

    Faria mischaracterizes Charlottesville, and condemns the Right for it. Creating the necessary press / manufactured consent to do anything necessary to suppress Right Wing protest or any significant movement at all on the issues that matter.

    This is the moral authority given to Faria as a result of prior signalling that he is within the gate.

    That’s how it works. All of them use this two step procedure as the primary mechanism: David French, Jill Rubin, and the rest of the Neocon writers.

    It allows for the Left to frame them as the “Center” Right, even though virtually none of the electorate holds them to be anything other than Left Wing operatives.

    Charlottesville was in response to the Left illegally tearing down statues.

    I’ve never met anyone in my life that looked like the Right Wing protestors used in the common tiki torch photographs that the Left uses when describing Charlottesville. Even if those guys aren’t operatives, their presence doesn’t define anything except for the fact that the left demands that it does while ignoring their Men in Black.

    The Right will not be free of the gatekeepers until there is an organized, centralized place of critique of the two step gatekeeping tactic when it frequently is used, And of the media in general, down to the level of each individual article.

    The critiques would have to be crowd sourced in order to deal with the volume and associated cost.

    Though it would effectively be an anti State propaganda effort, and so I would expect it to be maligned and attacked perhaps viciously.

  2. AsheDina says:

    I saw this… absurd.

  3. Sam Nedved says:

    An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a coworker who was doing a little research on this. And he actually ordered me dinner because I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to talk about this issue here on your blog, and keep up the good work advocating for white people!

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