Blatant Anti-White Discrimination from the Federal Government

Yesterday, I wrote about the State of Oregon’s brazen violation of anti-discrimination law. Not surprisingly, the Federal government is acting in the same spirit. From The Daily Wire:

A Chilton, Wisconsin, dairy farmer who has two prosthetic legs has joined four other farmers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, and South Dakota to sue the Biden administration regarding a $4 billion plan inserted into the Biden administration’s COVID relief program that allegedly forgives loans for farmers and ranchers who are black, native American, Hispanic, or Asian, but does not do the same for white farmers…

Adam Faust, the Chilton farmer who was born with spina bifida and milks roughly 70 cows on his 200 acres, told Fox 11, “’It was just out and out racist, and I really don’t think that there should be racism allowed in the federal government at any level.” Speaking on Fox News, he added, “I mean, racism against anybody is wrong. We can’t have a government picking and choosing who they are going to give any program to based solely on the color of their skin. … Everything that we have all learned growing up his racism was wrong, and now, all of a sudden, the federal government seems to think that racism is acceptable in certain ways.”

There is nothing “all of a sudden” about this; the Federal government has been discriminating against white people for a long time – as has been documented on this blog and elsewhere.

In my previous post, I pointed out that the only white-owned company that challenged the Oregon law is a logging company. The one urban-based company that challenged it is Mexican-owned.

In this case, it’s farmers who are impacted. Since farmers, almost by definition, live away from cities, they’re less vulnerable to BLM violence and intimidation; it’s unlikely that a BLM mob will visit a farm and destroy property or threaten workers.

People who live in larger cities, who own homes and businesses there, are vulnerable. Nobody will protect them when the BLM mobs come to get them. They can’t watch over their property 24/7, nor can they protect their kids at all times when they’re at school or at events.

This state of affairs means that few, or no, people will be able to challenge anti-white laws when those laws primarily affect the urban population. They’re sitting ducks with no protection, and no legal recourse.

The only possible answer is to organize private militias, which would show up in force to protect law-abiding citizens when their rights are threatened.

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