San Francisco Openly Embraces Racial Discrimination

We’ve already seen how the State of Oregon, and the Federal Government, are shamelessly funneling taxpayer money into the hands of black citizens, at the expense of white citizens. It should come as no surprise that the City of San Francisco is doing the same. From The Washington Examiner:

San Francisco will divert $3.75 million from its law enforcement budget to programs assisting black business owners in the city.

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development will distribute funding to 17 community organizations, including the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce, the Center for Equity and Success, Inc., and the African American Arts and Culture Complex.

The funding is aimed at preserving black cultural events and establishing “Incubation Hubs” for small businesses in historically black neighborhoods. Community organizations that receive funding will also be tasked with providing technical assistance, advice, and training to small business owners…

The $3.75 million allocation is part of the Dream Keeper initiative, which will divert $120 million of the city’s law enforcement budget over two years to San Francisco’s black residents.

This is the third recent example of explicit anti-white (or pro-black) discrimination perpetrated by government agencies so far; no doubt there will be more. Additionally, there will be complaints from San Francisco’s Latino community that they’re being left out; such programs will be amended to include them as well.

When one race is forced to give up the fruits of its labor, so that it can be given to another race, it’s called “slavery.” If slavery was wrong in the past, then it’s certainly wrong today. Let us rise up against it any way we can!

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