Portland’s “Teen” Problem

East Portland is being terrorized by “teens.” According to KGW8:

Police looking for teens who terrorized Southeast Portland businesses and drivers

PORTLAND, Ore. — Monday afternoon near Southeast 92nd and Division, police say a handful of teens walked into a convenience store, spread out and stole a bunch of things. On their way out, investigators say, the suspects pushed an employee. 

After leaving the convenience store, authorities say the group walked into a restaurant a few blocks away, yelled at staff and stole a tip jar.

According to detectives, the teens then turned their attention to a hair salon near Southeast 82nd and Division. The suspects walked in and started throwing products off shelves before going into an employee area and stealing some things. The teens, police say, even tried to take a customer’s purse…

The crime-spree didn’t end there; they then committed a robbery and an attempted carjacking.

If you watch the embedded video, you might notice that the word “teens” is used 7 times. Here’s a screen capture of the “teens:”

I get the distinct impression that the reporter is frustrated that he’s required to use euphemisms. As for the vast majority of leftists, this sort of thing goes right over their heads, and they remain puzzled as to why the rest of us “hate those teens solely due to the color of their skin.”

To them I say, “Carry on living inside your fantasy world, where unsavory stereotypes are based entirely on skin-color – and have nothing to do with the fact that certain demographics are terrorizing our cities.”

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  1. AsheDina says:

    As usual! Dont point fingers at the black kids!

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