Here’s a Useful New Meme

Answering a Quora question: What do statistics say about the wealth gap between white and black in the USA?

I wrote:

Those statistical “disparities” are nothing but a social construct. The wage disparities are far greater between members of the same race than between different races.

Ignore it!

Of course, I was simply using Lewontin’s Fallacy against the Left; if it’s good enough for them to “debunk” the concept of genetically identifiable human populations (“race”), then it’s also good enough to debunk the income/wage gap.

Without missing a beat, my Quora friend and ally, Jack Thomson, created this meme:

I’m sure he won’t mind if you spread it around. One of these days, I’ll start creating my own memes.

Of course, this meme can (and should) be adapted for the so-called “gender-gap” as well.

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