Let’s Not Recycle!

The spirit of rebellion is strong in humans. When authority figures push their agenda too aggressively, there comes a point where people go out of their way to do the opposite.

I’ve already noted that “progressives” feel the need to inject “racial justice” into everything. Since “racial equity” is the main pillar of their religion, it must be incorporated into every issue.

The City of Beaverton recycling department just mailed out its 2021 Every Day is Recycling Day flyer, and it’s obvious that an author was given instructions to weave racial justice into the leading article, titled “Climate Action for Our Future:”

The challenges facing our community, our country, and the planet have never been more apparent. The global COVID-19 pandemic has exposed weaknesses in the way society has structured “business as usual” for too long. Momentum around a historic social justice movement continues to work to right hundreds of years of systemic racism and inequity. And the need to address climate change is being called for across all levels of government…

We also know that communities of color have been systematically under-served and underrepresented while at the same time bearing an unequal burden from the impacts of climate change. We must do our part as individuals and as a community to correct these inequalities while building a stronger more resilient community…

News flash: Pushing the narrative of “systemic racism” and “racial equity” IS business as usual. Let’s acknowledge that while we all benefit from the modern world, which wouldn’t exist without white people, not all races participate in recycling equally. A Statistica study found that black people are least likely to recycle:

There isn’t much difference between Hispanics and whites, and it would be interesting to study the reasons why Hispanics are good at recycling – but, for the most part, when progressives say “people of color,” what they generally mean is black people – as reflected in the now popular term BIPOC.

As a group, black Americans (especially males) don’t seem to be very concerned about the environment. They’re underrepresented* in environmental movements. When discussing recycling and “racial justice,” it must work both ways; it’s dishonest to point to black Americans as victims, while ignoring their lack of participation in a solution…

… and injecting “racial justice” into recycling makes me want to stop recycling, except to get my deposits back.

*Bizarrely, this fact is usually spun to make it look like environmental groups are racist against blacks, which is obviously not so.

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