Portland Seeks to Codify Racial Caste System for Police Misconduct

In an Oregon Live article, we read:

City seeks to negotiate disciplinary guide for Portland police that would include restorative, corrective options

… The city tentatively identified “obvious” misconduct that would warrant an officer’s termination as: a felony or Measure 11 criminal conviction, domestic violence, untruthfulness, public corruption for monetary or personal gain such as a bribe, intentional or reckless misconduct that results in either death or physical injury or foreseeable risk of death or physical injury (such an unlawful shooting or excessive use of force that results in an indictment) and misuse of police authority that targets a protected class of people.

In other words, the same misconduct would warrant termination when committed against a black or mestizo, but not when committed against a white man. The obvious result will be that officers will be especially gentle with non-white suspects, and relatively rough with white suspects; they’ll always remember that the risk of termination is much higher when engaging a non-white. Obviously, officers will also avoid contact with non-white suspects whenever possible. White criminals will absorb the scrutiny.

We don’t need a degree in sociology to predict the outcome of such policies: Whites will become ever more law-abiding, and non-whites ever more criminal. When people notice, it will be perceived as an increase in “racism” and “far-right extremism.” The cycle repeats itself.

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  1. Leonard says:

    Just proves how really STUPID, STUPID, STUPID…… people are!

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