The Austin American Statesman; Reading Between the Lines

A Daily Wire headline screams:

Texas Newspaper Refuses To Give Description Of Suspect In Mass Shooting Because Of ‘Stereotypes’

A newspaper in Texas said on Saturday that it is not publishing the description that local law enforcement gave of a man suspected of shooting 13 people on Friday night because it “could be harmful in perpetuating stereotypes.”…

The Austin American-Statesman reported that law enforcement had “zeroed in on two suspects” believed to have been involved in the shooting.

At the bottom of the Austin American-Statesman’s report, the newspaper explained that it was not going to give the description that law enforcement provided of one of the suspects…

I’ve been looking through the Stateman’s (“Statesperson’s?”) website, and their position on gun control is very clear: There are far too many guns in private hands in America, and we need to have a lot more regulation, the Constitution be damned. For example here:

But, in truth, I must say that I want a society in which there are fewer guns sold and fewer guns in circulation. I want a society in which the ownership by individual citizens of weapons of war would be illegal. I want a society where gun ownership is highly regulated and where guns are required to be registered and insured. I want a society in which so-called “smart guns” are heavily promoted among those who buy guns, so that those guns can’t be used by people who aren’t the owners.

I want more gun regulation, severe gun regulation, the kind that most elected Democrats dare not speak of, the kind that scares the gun cult. I am honest about my desires and motivations, even if they confirm the gun lobby’s fears.

On the one hand, The Statesman does recognize that the majority of gun violence, in the US, is from non-whites. For example:

The most dramatic increases in mass shootings last year were found in states with cities that boast large Black and Latino populations, groups that traditionally are disproportionately impacted by crime and gun violence as well as, more recently, COVID-19 cases and deaths…

In plain English, “blacks and Latinos shoot people more often.” FBI statistics bear this out. Like most other newspapers, The Statesman is strongly in favor of “Diversity.” In practice, what Diversity means is “more representation for non-whites and women in positions of authority = fewer able-bodied white males. For example, in an article titled “Hispanic chief hired to reform suburban Austin police force left it in a culture clash,” we read:

When an Austin suburb wanted a police chief to shake up its male-entrenched culture, it recruited a law enforcement executive from retirement — a diverse hire with a résumé that brimmed with experience and accolades.

Obviously, by “diverse hire,” they mean, “somebody who is not white or male.”

In an article titled “Taylor’s diversity committee to host first meeting next month,” we read:

The committee’s charge will be to create a dialogue regarding diversity, equity and inclusion; to actively participate in developing a vision for diversity, equity and inclusion that represents the residents of Taylor; and to make recommendations to community leaders based on this vision.

All Taylor residents are welcome to serve on the committee. Of special interest are perspectives from people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities.

In other words, it’s perfectly alright to generalize, and lump all able-bodied white males together for the purposes of Diversity. White males = not Diverse, but non-whites and females = Diverse. Not Diverse is bad. Diverse is good.

If it’s acceptable to have policies that treat one demographic differently than others, to accomplish the goal of Diversity, then how much more so should it be acceptable to have policies whose goal is to save lives: Gun control for non-whites, but not for whites.

By The Statesman’s own admission, gun violence is a mostly non-white phenomenon, and saving lives through gun-control is a worthy goal. By its own admission, it’s acceptable to target specific races, ethnicities or genders in shaping policy. So why not take this to its logical conclusion, and ban gun-ownership for non-whites?

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  1. Regarding the mural, the Confederate generals depicted were never as scornful to the non-WASPs as the modern-day Ulsterites are. And the South’s governmental and military infrastructure was laden with Jews and Catholics unlike the North’s. Not so strangely enough, the NORTHERN “son of Ulster” U.S. Grant sure harbored ill will towards such groups which tends to make me wonder…

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