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Strange person in Stonewater of Orenco. Strange man wondering through the neighborhood this morning approximately 0540. He had tucked a newspaper under his arm and was wondering around 72nd & Stoneybrook. My dogs did not take to kindly to him as he started to walk towards me. He kept following me.I asked him why he was in the neighborhood and he said that he had come to see a friend. I tried to move away from him but he kept coming towards me. I finally managed to cross the street @ which time, I told him that he did not belong in the neighborhood and should leave immediately. He picked up his pace and proceeded down 71st. By this time, a couple of neighbors, who most likely heard the dogs barking non-stop, asked if I was ok and we both called the non-emergency line.

Male: approx 5’7

Stocky build

Wearing: tan, suede boots

Baseball cap ( wore it backwards)

Blue camo jacket and jeans

He appeared impaired Please stay in the lookout and stay safe!

We can assume that the man is white, because had he been black, it’s unlikely that the resident would have confronted him, much less reported it online. To do so would be risking fame for all the wrong reasons; the resident, who is female, would be labeled a “racist karen,” and she would face harassment, being ostracized, and losing her job. It’s safe to report strange white people, but not strange black people.

It doesn’t take a lot of insight to recognize this, and lots of black criminals surely do. Today’s political climate is an open invitation for black criminals to scope out neighborhoods for nefarious reasons. Even if Nature provided an equal number of white and black criminals, we would expect a disproportionate number of black criminals for this reason.

When black criminals proliferate, partly due to this, people notice, and the result is more anti-black sentiment. Then we’re told how “racism” is getting even worse. A lot of money is made from “racism,” so what I’m describing is really a business cycle.

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