White-Supremacist Attack Foiled!

Watch this white-supremacist try to attack some Asians, and have the tables turned on her:

Not exactly what the cameraman was expecting.

In other news, Business Insider objects the Bin Laden’s niece having opinions of her own:

Osama bin Laden’s niece waved a flag that said “Trump won” on a lake outside the villa where President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met Wednesday.

Noor bin Laden, who has denounced the 9/11 attacks, which her uncle masterminded, came out last year as a supporter of President Donald Trump and the QAnon conspiracy theory.

I think Business Insider would rather she don a burka and shut up. I couldn’t make out what language is being spoken toward the end of the video. It sounds a bit like Hebrew, but she was speaking too quickly.

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