If Human-Caused Climate Change is Real, Then I Blame Progressives

We’re having extraordinarily hot weather here in Portland these days:

I’m taking full advantage or our rivers to cool off, and perhaps the coast as well – but it will be close to 100 degrees at the coast too (Fahrenheit of course). This is unprecedented; it’s usually in the 60s or 70s on the Oregon coast, even in August. I doubt many people have air-conditioning there, and coastal residents will surely suffer.

I do get some pleasure thinking about lefty Californians, who have moved here recently expecting weather that’s cooler than L.A. As it stands, we’re even hotter than Phoenix.

Is man-made global warming (sorry, “Climate-Change”) real? I don’t know, but I do know that there is disagreement among climate scientists. Watch this short John Stossel video:

Stossel had difficulty finding scientists who would publicly voice their skepticism about man-made Climate-Change; only one would come forward.

Why is this? It’s because the Progressive Left has a nasty habit of censoring those who disagree with them, ostracizing them, getting them fired, threatening them – and even killing them. This makes it difficult to separate fact from dogma.

I would even go so far as to say that many leftist talking heads and leaders lack true conviction. If they truly believed that the world is going to end soon, due to our environmental irresponsibility, wouldn’t the large corporations initiate drastic, and immediate, changes? Sure, they’ll donate billions of dollars to Progressive causes, and they’ll give lip-service to almost any leftist talking point that comes their way (“At ______, we’re committed to ______. That’s why we _______”).

It’s become a religious duty to embrace Progressive causes, to donate to them, and to penalize those who question them – but this sense of religious duty has become a game. Not withstanding the occasional executive who gives up everything for The Cause, in most cases, it’s silently understood that you go with the flow – if you want to stay out of trouble. It’s fear that drives the Progressive Narrative, not true conviction.

The danger here is that it’s possible that sometimes the Progressive Left is correct. What if man-made climate change is real, and the worst-case scenario comes to pass: Earth becomes like Venus? If so, then it would turn out that the heavy-handed tactics of the Progressive Left destroyed the world. Nobody took them seriously, because we could all see what happens to those who dissent, and we reached the conclusion that the “experts” only said what they said out of fear of reprisal, not out of true conviction.

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  2. 370H55V says:

    How long will it be before Stossel is banned from youtube as well.

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