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Brown Noise at the River

A recent American Renaissance article points out that peace and quiet is most appreciated by white people. I had a personal experience with this yesterday. I visited my favorite river spot to escape the heat, and it was so beautiful, … Continue reading

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Daniel Gorski’s Analysis of CRT

I’m reproducing this article from Quora, with Mr. Gorski’s permission The post above is fine for what it is but I would suggest that it omits some relevant and helpful historical background. I will summarize and include some helpful links. … Continue reading

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Exploiting White Deaths for BLM

The Corporate Media has a knack for publishing innocent-looking stories that turn out to be particularly evil and sinister upon further inspection. A recent People article fits this description: ‘This Is Everybody’s Children’: Family of White Teen Killed by Police … Continue reading

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More Black Attacks on the Elderly

There are a few types of crime that cry out “blacks did it!” even before you read the story. Viciously attacking elderly people is one of those crimes. Not to say that whites don’t sometimes stoop to that level, but … Continue reading

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Healthcare in China; an Extremely Disturbing Video

Once again, Laowhy86 has produced a hard-hitting expose’ on China. This video is well worth watching, even though it’s 40 minutes long. I feel that it’s relevant, because this could be our future as well, if we’re not careful:

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White City Council Member in Alabama Shocks Meeting With Racial Slur: ‘Do We Have A House Nigger In Here?’

From Law and Crime: At a Tarrant, Alabama city council meeting on Monday, a white councilman used a racial slur about Black people, causing noticeable shock among meeting attendees and upsetting one councilwoman so much that she had to step … Continue reading

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BLM Extorting Jewish Businesses

Somehow, when we were experiences BLM’s “peaceful protests” last year, the corporate media neglected to mention how Jewish businesses in Fairfax, California were damaged and vandalized. From the Times of Israel: Graffiti on the walls of a synagogue read “Free … Continue reading

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Biden to Send Food Aid to South Africa

I saw this videos on the Mad Jewess blog. She included two videos, but I’ll embed just one here: No, Biden hasn’t yet approved food aid to South Africa; that was shameless clickbait on my part. But he most definitely … Continue reading

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A Social Justice Warrior’s Inside Story

Here we see the evolution of a social justice warrior, reproduced with permission from the author. Ethan James Do those who “preach the loudest” have “the biggest skeletons in their closet”? Certainly some of them do. Absolutely. There’s an old … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Posthumously Change MLK’s Name

For several years now, America has been busy renaming streets, schools, parks, prizes and sports teams. Here’s a list of name-changes that have taken place since the George Floyd riots. Scientists are even changing the names of insects, because some … Continue reading

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