Biden Administration Importing Criminals

When I’ve used the term “importing” in the past, when referring to people, I usually meant it in a loose sense – as in inviting, and allowing, large numbers of people into our borders. But these days, the Biden Administration is literally importing “migrants” into our country, and busing them into the interior. Watch Tucker Carlson report on this:

I don’t know about you, but some of the passengers on the bus strike me as unsavory characters.

Speaking of which, here’s a story about a “short man with black hair” attacking a white woman on the streets of New York in broad daylight:

Startling video released by police on Thursday shows a man jumping a woman in broad daylight in New York City and allegedly touching her inappropriately before running off, authorities said…

Meanwhile, investigators are still looking for her attacker, whom they described as being 5-foot-5 and approximately 165 pounds with black hair. 

My guess is that the culprit is not here legally. The 5 foot 5 mestizo was probably just frustrated, because too many Mexican women have been murdered and it’s difficult to find a brothel in New York, so he just helped himself.

The way things are going, the Biden Administration will soon add white women to the list of benefits that “undocumented migrants” can officially claim. Here’s how the Oval Office conversation would likely go:

Biden: A lot of migrants haven’t had… you know, the thing, in a long time. Maybe we should, you know, confiscate the daughters of Trumpanzees to service them?

Harris: Hahaha!! We don’t need no SLAVERY, Joe!! After a few doses of CRT, enough high school girls will VOLUNTEER!!

Biden: I want to sample them myself first, to make sure they’re high quality. It would be RACIST to give them the ugly ones. You know, a micro-aggression.

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