Teen Girls Steal Flag from Home

I saw this on Nextdoor.com:

Flag theft by teen girls. At around 11:30 tonight, we had 3 teen girls steal our American flag right off the front of our house. If your daughter was wandering around (redacted) Elementary school tonight, please teach them to be respectful of other’s property. My husband chased after them barefoot and got it back. They thought it was funny till they saw him running behind them and dropped it and ran south on (redacted). As a disabled Army vet, he was less than thrilled. Happy 4th of July…

In the scheme of things, this is a minor incident, and I wouldn’t expect new outlets to publish it, but I’m bringing it up because it seems like a political crime to me. These are teenagers, so somebody must have put it into their heads, somehow, that this is a good idea. They were not identified, but regardless of their background, I wonder if anti-American rhetoric in high school instilled a hatred for America in their impressionable minds. This doesn’t seem like a random act that youngsters would do just for the fun of it; the flag symbolized something to them – something that they were taught to hate. I seriously doubt that they stole the flag with the intention of planting it at their own home, or to display it proudly at a parade.

This is the sort of thing that happens when children are taught negative things about the country they live in.

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