The Chinese Communist Party’s 50¢ Army

How many of y’all have heard of the 50¢ Army?

If you read the comments on YouTube videos about China, or Facebook or Twitter, you might have noticed a lot of comments that are pro-CCP (Chinese Communist Party). While it’s possible that some of them are sincere, many of them are paid – so take them with a grain of salt. You might be encountering the wumao, or 50¢ Army.

Today, I came across a Quora answer, in response to China’s behavior toward its Uighur minority:

With Imran Khan of Pakistan and even the Taliban siding with China, has the Muslim world now abandoned the Uighur to appease China? Johnny Chao, Head of Product Management at Toptal

Dozens of muslim countries sent their teams to xinjiang (invited by china) to see what these “concentration” camps were like, and they were satisfied to see their muslim peers were not being persecuted, murdered, raped, but put into vocational training to de-radicalize. It’s a fact that most terrorists are young people, males were are easily radicalized especially if they had no job and income, marginalized from society. So China is giving them tools to integrate into a society that they can earn money, make a living and have a regular life. And this is so the hundreds of terrorist attacks in China by radicalized terrorists would stop, innocent men, women, children were hacked to death in public, entire streets burned by terrorists who were told to hate and kill people. The last time the US experienced something like that, it chose to invade 2 sovereign countries, stay and take the oil of one, make the other into the world’s biggest opium producer. All while killing millions of civilians.

Now the Talibans have first hand witness at the actual rape, murder and bombing of their brethren by the pentagon on a daily basis over the last 20 years, if you ask me, they know when someone is really persecuting their kind, vs CNN/FOX/NBC/BBC telling them so.

I haven’t been to Xinjiang Province, so I don’t have any insider information to share, but you might want to watch this video:

I’ll point out that Laowhy86 has a good track record for uncovering the truth about things. Whether you agree with him or not, his opinions should not be taken lightly.

I challenged this 50¢ soldier with a simple question: Were these teams allowed to visit any part of Xinjiang they pleased, on a whim, without any advance notice, and without CCP officials accompanying them. The reason I’m paraphrasing myself is that my comment, and Mr. Chao’s response were subsequently removed, and comments disabled – but not before he submitted a response, which was preserved in my email:

If you are so interested, why not reach out to the PR branches of those muslim countries, here’s a list,
Muslim nations are defending China as it cracks down on Muslims, shattering any myths of Islamic solidarity | CNN

But I’ll bet you no country in the world gets to visit an entire province of another country “on a whim and with no warning”, every country have scientific, R&D, military bases in their own home, getting to go where ever when ever is not something any sovereign countries allow anyone to do, do you allow neighbors to come to your house to search through your drawers, fridge and dirty underwear without a court issued warrant? Does Israel allow UN inspectors to inspect it’s illegal nuclear weapons program? Does US allow UN human rights team to visit Guantanamo bay? Does Canada allow UN inspectors to come to see residential schools mass children grave sites? And these are actually proven genocide and torture.

Try to think logically.

I get the distinct impression that Mr. Chao has never visited a Western country (even though he claims to be in Canada), because if he had, he would know that once you’ve crossed the border legally, you’re permitted to visit anywhere you’d like. Sensitive military installations are excluded, but that’s not relevant; several impromptu visits to obscure towns and random citizens would have given these teams a reasonably accurate picture of the goings on there. Also, what’s so sensitive about “vocational camps?” Apparently, Mr. Chao realized this, or was told after he posted his response, and then quickly went back and deleted it.

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  1. I’ve heard that the Wumao are there to intimidate fellow Chinese, not to convince foreigners. Everywhere a potential Chinese dissident goes online, he’s confronted with the long arm of the CCP. Same happens offline with party operatives or enthusiasts harrassing Chinese abroad who don’t toe the line, i.e. independent Chinese- language papers or students who get a bit too friendly with the natives.
    I once thought the CCP were complete amateurs at propaganda outside their borders but 2020 changed my mind.

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