A Social Justice Warrior’s Inside Story

Here we see the evolution of a social justice warrior, reproduced with permission from the author.

Ethan James

Do those who “preach the loudest” have “the biggest skeletons in their closet”?

Certainly some of them do. Absolutely.

There’s an old friend of mine from high school who is completely unrecognisable now. She’s changed beyond belief, and when I say changed, I mean for the worse.

When we met, she was just my friend’s shy and awkward girlfriend. He was like two years older than her, and she would hang out with us all day, every day because she followed him around like a lost puppy. She even had an edgy, wry sense of humour at the time, and it was great. She was the subject of several of my 2018 answers, and I painted her in a completely positive light.

Flash forward two years, and she’s a completely different person. It eventually got to the point that she once convinced me to beat a guy up in retaliation to him beating up my other friend. When I beat him bloody, she turned on me, said it was “too far” and completely shafted me.

Another time, she was at a party I was hosting at my house, and she cheated on her boyfriend with a friend of mine. Instead of owning up to what she did, she told the boyfriend that my friend had sexually assaulted her.

My buddy’s life is still irreparably ruined from that shit, and I know for a fact it was false. Both my biological dad and I were in the same room during the time of her allegation. They never went off alone anywhere.

It might sound like she was always a bad egg. But it wasn’t like that. It was a slow decay.

Back in the day, she was kinder, did less drugs and loved everybody. Her hair was long and black and she was quite pretty. Now she’s completely addicted to smoking weed, she’s gained weight, dyed her hair to the point of killing it, and wears nothing but baggy tracksuits and hoodies.

She’s also an oafish bully, who disguises her bullying in progressive politics, pretending it’s anything like the compassion she used to have. Every day her social media is filled with hateful statements, and she constantly tries to mobilise her followers to dox people in the name of progress.

All this performative wokeness made me think about how edgy she used to be, and I started looking back at old photos and memories. That’s when I found a very hypocritical Snapchat screenshot from what was now supposedly a woke queen.

I can’t post the actual photo itself, but use your imagination.

Imagine this blackface photo, but with a teenage girl in the blackface. Even if I gave her the benefit of the doubt and excused the blackface as a “skincare face mask”, that doesn’t excuse what she captioned the photo with

“yo yo nigger”

All while she calls for the heads of strangers online and flaunts her ‘morality’. Morality is determined only by the standards of the mainstream at any given time. And she’s widely considered to be morally upstanding by her peers. This says a lot about our society. Now you see…

But seriously, that’s a skeleton if I ever saw it. If she keeps trying to dox people I care about I’m releasing the blackface pic. Can’t wait to see the crocodile tears in her public apology.

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5 Responses to A Social Justice Warrior’s Inside Story

  1. LOn Spector says:

    Why would that work? The Governor of Virginia, the Lt. Governor wore blackface
    and they faced no repercussions. VA’s third in line was accused of rape.
    New York’s Governor both murdered and harassed people.
    We have a two tiered justice system as recent events demonstrated.
    It’s ALL downhill from here. South Africa will be a tourist destination compared
    to what awaits us.

  2. Luke says:

    imo the correct response is deep pity. She’s lost with little chance of being found again, and usually that’s the result of a lack of truly useful guidance starting with her parents. Her best shot at this point would be detox, a psychiatrist, and to swear off all politics and social media. For a man its easier, because as a woman it’ll be much harder to detox from the attention.

  3. Luke says:

    unfortunately no. That would be neat though.

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