Healthcare in China; an Extremely Disturbing Video

Once again, Laowhy86 has produced a hard-hitting expose’ on China. This video is well worth watching, even though it’s 40 minutes long. I feel that it’s relevant, because this could be our future as well, if we’re not careful:

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2 Responses to Healthcare in China; an Extremely Disturbing Video

  1. Lon Spector says:

    What’s so surprising about this?
    The World wide Globalist power eliet hoards the best for itself and is indifferent
    to the suffering of the lowly peons. Ordinary humans are nothing but fodder
    for these manicial psychopaths. Exceptions being, if they see a sexy little tart that
    they can abuse like a dirty dishrag before discarding her body in a dumpster.

  2. Luke says:

    Grab your popcorn and watch people like Gavin Newsome compare lack of medical alteration (vaccination) to being inebriated.

    You have to have a medical procedure to be a normal person. The body you are born with is innately toxic to society and flawed.

    Expect the people at the ACLU to white knuckle their silence on a suggestion whose logical conclusion is doing anything that they want to people to detoxify them.

    What’s the extreme end of that?

    Sterilization / forced castration. Ethnic / genetic cleansing. Little imagination or talent for logic is required to see it.

    Then again, they have decades of practice with ignoring such obvious logic as it pertains to baby-stepping legalizing murder through permissive abortion law. Once murder is legalized for anyone, then the only detail is what is negotiated.

    Its funny that our Civil Rights orgs have been strangely “blind” to this.

    Parallel to how our “conservative news” outlets, even on the “alt” side, have not to any visible degree yet to raised the issue of the politician and media incited 2020 year-of-riots primarily being a terrorism attack on the American public that was meant to corrupt the election for Biden.

    This is all theater. Every bit of it. Nothing of this fake conflict is legitimate.

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