More Black Attacks on the Elderly

There are a few types of crime that cry out “blacks did it!” even before you read the story. Viciously attacking elderly people is one of those crimes. Not to say that whites don’t sometimes stoop to that level, but if you see a story about a helpless elderly person being beaten senseless in America, you’ll find that nine times out of ten, the culprit will be black.

Here are some previous examples of this type of crime…

… and here are two more recent ones:

Group of NYC suspects seen beating 61-year-old woman with kitchen pot and stealing her walker: Video (

68-year-old man assaulted on Brooklyn, NY, sidewalk (

… and the Mad Jewess just sent me another recent case:

Ohio woman attacks elderly Asian store owners after her card was declined

There’s no way the casual observer could miss this pattern: In the majority of cases where an old person is viciously beaten in public, or in front of a camera, the culprit turns out to be black. Is there an “Elder Abuse Gene” that’s found primarily in the Tropics? Probably not, but if there was, Scientific American would be in no hurry to tell us about it.

My theory is that the abuse of elderly people goes hand in hand with a more R-Type reproduction, where people have more babies, but invest less in each one. Babies and the elderly are similar enough that a higher frequency of abuse toward one might correspond with the same toward the other. I’m not saying that it’s normal for black people to beat the elderly, just that there’s a higher incidence of such abuse. At least it seems that way; when a white person commits such an atrocity, the corporate media will display his mug every chance they get.

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    Brave bottom feeders just collecting their duly earned “repariations,” and
    striking a blow for justice.

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