Leftist Media Creates Virtual World of Oppression for American Blacks

Our perception of reality is heavily influenced by things we’re told, even if we haven’t experienced them personally. Our minds intertwine the world of fiction with personal experiences. Movies we’ve seen, novels we’ve read, stories we’ve been told, and dreams we’ve had all merge into one entity we call “reality.”

This has clearly had evolutionary advantages for our species. As we sat around the fire in our caves, elders would relate stories of dangerous beasts, or enemy tribes, and our young minds would absorb these tales into our world view. Later, when we went out into the world and encountered those same threats, we knew how to react. Our vivid imaginations had worked in our favor, training us for the life and death situations that would surely come our way.

My friend Diversity Chronicle sent me a story about an American black lesbian couple, and in this story, we can see how the Establishment Left Media has subverted this human trait, and used it against us:

As a Black American, I didn’t feel safe in the US anymore so I left the country for Mérida, Mexico…

On April 16, I made my choice to leave the United States because I felt unsafe as a Black person in the US.

This decision came after months of burnout, exhaustion, near-daily panic attacks, and fear. I watched the news – racial injustice, violence, the insurrection at the Capitol – and just felt more grief and rage, which is nothing new.

Eventually, my health took turns for the worse from the levels of stress and anxiety I was under daily. My Google search history became overwhelmed with “safest cities for Black Americans” and “top cities for expats.”

Notably absent from the article are any instances of actual racism against them in the US. The bulk of their “burnout, exhaustion, panic attacks and fear” came from media reports – no doubt exacerbated by the occasional “microaggression.” These women were not harassed, threatened or abused in any way – except by the Establishment Left Media. They are victims of this media, and if their stay in Mexico turns sour, perhaps they should be able to sue CNN, ABC, Yahoo, the New York Times, the Huffington Post etc. for damages.

All of us are vulnerable to this phenomenon, but a population whose average IQ is 85 is probably more susceptible. The Establishment Left Media is targeting the most vulnerable population in America with mental abuse.

Yahoo News will report this story, but what it won’t report is that white people are being murdered, on a regular basis, by black people who have been duped into thinking they’re “oppressed.”

I’ll conclude by pointing out that the article is correct that Merida is a beautiful city, and I can vouch for that, having visited it myself.

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4 Responses to Leftist Media Creates Virtual World of Oppression for American Blacks

  1. Lon Spector says:

    They’ve been at this propaganda since the 1960’s. You can tell by who they
    cast as the villians of their stories. The miscreants are usually white, male
    and wealthy. The oppressed are minorities and women. The movie “Billy Jack,”
    (1971) is a perfect example of this.
    They attempt to inculcate young minds with this trash. They’ve got to “get em”
    (Brainwash them) while they’re young.

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  3. Billy Joker says:

    Billy Jack was a movie for kids that wanted to watch an Irish guy playing an Indian kick ass using a newly found, and soon forgotten, martial art called Hapkido. There was a catchy pop tune sung by a Devil worshipping blond slut, so kool cars and hot yamps. The location shots were fun, since we all had been to small towns back when the family took regular road trips before the Nixon administration recognized OPEC so his buddy the Shah could jack up oil prices so as to buy expensive weapons from the US. Even as a elementary school kid, no one I knew though anything more political than ‘Hot chicks, some skin, and wearing a silly hat while kicking bar fighter ass’. Bernard (pronounced Bernerd) was the bad guy since he was a putz, but he did have a cool ‘Vette. In real life he actually studied and got reasonably good at martial arts, while Tom Laughlin was a complete and total phony. The next movie was too silly for even 12 year olds, and apparently there was a third, since IMDB says so.
    I guarantee you no one gave a rat’s ace about that movie’s politics. Typical of the Us vs. the Establishment of the day, but like the biker exploitation film that the Billy Joke character was taken from… Nothing too serious. There were plenty of hippy crap films in that era, but boys and girls in the 70’s weren’t like that. The media as usual distorted the reality that only Vassar grads with daddy issues, and secular Jews were interested in fighting the power an sheet.

    • Lon Spector says:

      I first found out about it in 1973. The marketing behind the film was
      excellent. It tore through the High Schools like wild fire. It made most
      of it’s money through word of mouth. It played the “race angle”
      briallantly. It seems at home with today’s woke viewpoints.

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