How a Black Man Discovered the Truth About Race

It seems I must have been a bad boy over at Amren, because now all of my comments must be manually approved.

Anyway, I just read their most recent first-person account: How a Black Man Discovered the Truth About Race, and this is my comment:

I usually enjoy these first-person accounts, but this one rubs me the wrong way. There are good reasons so many of us have negative feelings about blacks; we’ve been mugged, beaten, raped by them, and passed over for jobs and promotions in their favor. We see, and read about, their crime and irresponsible behavior daily…

But every race, and every people, has SOME redeeming qualities. Jared Taylor once published an article describing what he likes about blacks, and I have little doubt that he was making the same point I just did. I don’t think our movement will thrive if we focus too much on bashing blacks (and other ethnicities); we should find a balance where we put at least as much effort in focusing on positive things. Perhaps we could take some of that energy, that we now spend on bashing blacks, and use it to provide support to people like this writer. Complaining is easy. Finding solutions is more difficult.

As for Mr. Rand, I would urge him to find other decent blacks and work on improving his people, rather than divorcing himself from them. He seems like a good man, and he doesn’t deserve the lonely existence he is in danger of creating for himself.

We have no control over which parents we’re born to, or which race we are – but we can choose to make the most of any situation. If you’re born black, make the most of it, do positive things and try to leave the world a better place than how you found it. I don’t think this should include rejecting your own people.

Amren doesn’t allow links in their comments, so here’s the link to Mr. Taylor’s article, What I Like About Blacks.

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    I too, have wandered into dubious areas where safety is concerned.
    The bottom line is everything has a “season” (time). When it’s your preordained
    time to die, there is no safe place, nothing can save you. Until that time, you
    could be safe in the middle of a battlefield.
    The above also applies to nations. America is as dead as a fish that rots from the
    head down.

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