If You Look for Something Hard Enough, You’ll Find it

It never ceases to amaze me when I encounter intelligent people who sincerely believe that there are no actual racial disparities in criminal behavior, that the only reason blacks APPEAR to commit more crime is that they’re over-policed. I’ve heard this canard recited, like a mantra, countless times. Not all leftists actually believe this; many of them acknowledge the higher crime rate among blacks, but blame it on “systemic racism” or “the legacy of slavery.” Poverty is also a popular explanation. After all, don’t we all have the urge to go out and rape somebody every time we experience difficulty paying our bills?

A Harvard Gazette article sums up the mentality of those who do subscribe to black-crime-denialism:

Citing Muhammad’s research, Harvard historian Jill Lepore has summarized the consequences this way: “Police patrolled Black neighborhoods and arrested Black people disproportionately; prosecutors indicted Black people disproportionately; juries found Black people guilty disproportionately; judges gave Black people disproportionately long sentences; and, then, after all this, social scientists, observing the number of Black people in jail, decided that, as a matter of biology, Black people were disproportionately inclined to criminality.”

Reading such tripe, I can’t help but think of O.J. Simpson, the Duke Lacrosse Team, and the kangaroo trial of Derek Chauvin. Judge Lori Landry comes to mind as well. This post would be exceedingly long if I were to list every case of institutional anti-white discrimination that we know of so far.

But the underlying principle, that if you look for something hard enough, you’ll find it, is valid – and please bear this in mind as you read the following article from KATU/ABC, titled FBI Oregon launches campaign to encourage people to report hate crimes:

PORTLAND, Ore. — The FBI in Oregon is launching a new campaign to encourage more people to report hate crimes to law enforcement, saying that crimes of this sort are “the highest priority” not only because of the impact they have on the victim, but because they also “threaten and intimidate an entire community…”

As part of a new campaign, officials with FBI Oregon have been coordinating efforts with various leaders within diverse communities to identify and reach out to vulnerable populations

The bold is mine. “Diverse communities” and “vulnerable populations” are code for non-whites, sexual deviants or Jews. If you watch the embedded video, it’s even more obvious that the emphasis is on anti-black, or anti-Jewish hate-crimes. They’re not looking for anti-white hate-crimes, and I wonder how seriously such complaints would be received. Here’s a snip from our space on Quora, It’s ok to be White.

I called the district attorney’s office to find out of I can have a battery charged modified to a hate crime charge. I have reason to believe the sucker punch from a black woman was racist.

The elderly white receptionist said; “You’re white it’s not a hate crime.”

I asked her how does she know she replied; “ We’re white, we are the majority, I don’t know how it could be a hate crime.”

After I hung up I felt like I lost a couple brain cells.

If the authorities focus on whites, in their endless search for racism, then that’s where they’ll find it. Meanwhile, countless violations by non-whites go unreported and unpunished. Here we have a REAL case of selective policing.

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  2. Lon Spector says:

    All death wishes are caused by Satan.

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