They Might as well Declare it Legal to Kill Whites

All is going according to plan, and evil white-hating elites are rubbing their hands together in delight. At this pace, soon they’ll be filling trains with white people – to be slaughtered on an industrial scale in concentration camps.

Yesterday’s failed recall election in California has shown Gregory Hood to be correct in his recent American Renaissance article:

Is California Post Democratic?

In California, we saw how successful the Great Replacement strategy has been in disenfranchising whites; even though a “white” man, Gavin Nuisance, defeated a black man, Larry Elder, the implications are obvious. I’m sure leftist celebrities, such as Ellen Degenerate, are delighted at the results.

The open discrimination against Native Brits continues apace, as the English Touring Opera has shed at least 14 of its members simply for being white.

… and now we learn that a small morsel of justice we took some comfort in, meted out to Somali Affirmative Action police hire Mohamed Noor for the cold-blooded killing of Justine Damond, has been taken away. From the Washington Post:

Court overturns third-degree murder conviction against ex-Minneapolis officer

The Minnesota Supreme Court overturned the third-degree murder conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, who fatally shot an unarmed Australian woman in 2017, which could reduce eight years from his prison sentence.

Noor was convicted of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for the fatal shooting of Justine Ruszczyk Damond, who had called 911 to report a possible sexual assault behind her home. The case gained attention both in the United States and abroadand was notable because police were rarely charged or convicted in fatal shootings…

In 2019, Noor was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison for third-degree murder, a crime that involves acting with “a depraved mind, without regard for human life.”

Jurors acquitted Noor of the more serious second-degree murder charge. He was not sentenced for manslaughter.

Supreme Court justices said in their opinion Wednesday that the circumstances of the killing and Noor’s actions do not fit the definition of third-degree murder because he was targeting a single person when he shot his weapon. They ordered the case be sent to the district court, where Noor will be sentenced on the second-degree manslaughter conviction, according to court documents.

Noor has already served more than 28 months of his sentence. If he is sentenced to four years for manslaughter, he could be eligible for supervised release as early as in three and a half months, legal experts say.

If this isn’t a miscarriage of justice, I don’t know what is. Since when does “targeting a single person” serve as a defense for murder? It doesn’t – and this only happened because his charges were watered down in the first place.

The contrast with the way Derek Chauvin was treated is sickening. The article does go on to state that the decision might help Chauvin’s defense team to overturn his third-degree murder conviction. After all, Chauvin was also targeting only one person.

I have confidence in the system that they’ll find a way to exclude Chauvin from this defense. Western governments are so biased against white people, I’m not sure why they even pretend to care about justice anymore.

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4 Responses to They Might as well Declare it Legal to Kill Whites

  1. The Friendly Grizzly says:

    I hope this comment passes muster, so, here goes: Mr. Noor needs introduction to what was known decades ago as a “necktie party”. I believe we have reached that point.

    (My understanding of this comment is that we would welcome such a development, not that we’re advocating for it, planning it, or encouraging anything illegal. Jewamongyou)

  2. Lon Spector says:

    I’m reminded of a humorous cartoon I saw in a magazine: A man is in a
    doctor’s office. An E-Ray of his shredded lungs is on display. In answer to
    his question, the doctor says, “I don’t think quitting smoking would make much
    of a difference now.”
    Nobody destroyed America but the Americans themselves.

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