A Great Article by Paul White on “White-Supremacy”

Paul White

If white supremacists believe in white supremacy, why do they feel so threatened by non-whites?

“White supremacist” is a slur and propaganda term meant to imbue someone with images of “scary” fat ugly stupid skinheads and toothless rednecks who are motivated solely by an irrational hatred of all other races. I reject this image wholesale, but I’m probably the demographic you’re referring to as a White, racially conscious man. I don’t necessarily believe Whites are a “superior” race, but I do think we are rather great, and certainly have accomplished more than most other peoples.

That aside, if your dog has ticks, are the ticks a threat to the dog? The answer is yes. Would the ticks thus be superior to the dog by virtue of posing a threat to it? Are you suggesting that superiority derives from the ability to inflict the most terror and suffering on others? Strange perspective, especially considering how these behaviors supposedly are innate to “White supremacy” are the excuse for undermining any sort of White racial consciousness. Shouldn’t you be a “White supremacist” if you believe that?

The problem facing White people today is a complete lack of racial unity, not necessarily that other races are better than them. While all other races possess racial consciousness to enormous degrees, Whites hardly do at all.

Not only that, but White liberals ALL possess on average an intense hatred for their own race, while moderates and conservatives might have a slight racial preference but are for all practical purposes, totally apathetic.

It isn’t really a surprise however that these are the results, after all, ethnocentrism is natural in all, but encouraged in Blacks and other non-Whites with their heritage singled out for celebration (think things like “Black History Month”) while White ethnocentrism is seen as the greatest evil of all time. The educational system chock-full of blatant anti-White narratives, with the idea that Western history since Columbus (and even before) has just been an exercise in unprecedented brutality and irrational hatred of the other races all living in kumbaya by Whites, culminating in the Holocaust (hallowed by its name) being ground into the heads of schoolchildren. This leads to resentment among the non-Whites and self-hatred among the Whites. The media, academia, and social media are all also blatantly anti-White, promoting every obnoxious narrative to vilify Whites.

And really, all of this barely scratches the surface. There is also the issue that the media will promote stories about every sort of interracial crime, real or imagined, of Whites against non-Whites. However, never will there be any reports beyond local media about non-White on White attacks, despite them being far more common.

This even ignores stories which are explicitly “hate crimes”, such as those involving mass murder[1] or rape[2], which, had they occurred in reverse, would have caused limitless outcry from the media and would be used examples around the world of “American racism”.

While 2020 was in defined in no small part by the riots going on for months over the death of George Floyd, with a constant flow of support for them from media and politicians over how it supposedly showed “American police racism”, not one “abolish the police” cry came from those when a Black cop who simply murdered in cold-blood a White woman is now getting his 12 and a half year sentence (where Derek Chauvin got 22) reduced to 4 years as his charges got downgraded to manslaughter, despite the circumstances[3]. For a system supposedly so entrenched in “White supremacy”, they seem oddly sympathetic to non-Whites and awfully hostile to Whites…

Considering the growing hatred for Whites by non-Whites and considering their racial collectivism, considering the pathological hatred the tens of millions White liberals have their own race and the total apathy towards their race by the vast majority of the rest of Whites, perpetrated by the media which has a near total monopoly on the flow of information, as well has every other institution in society, I think it is fair to say that even if Whites are a “superior” race, we’ll have a hard time in the future.

Now, it could be argued that all of this could have been avoided had Whites truly been “superior”, as they would not be able to be subverted to begin with. On a certain level, it is true. Collectively, we do deserve punishment for allowing a hostile alien race to take control of our flow of information and perceptions of reality, and for allowing traitors who sold us out to our racial enemies to rule us. However, it is overly simplistic. It ignores the vast complexity of the eventual subversion and annihilation of White racial consciousness. It places too much emphasis on being shrewd and cutthroat, and not enough emphasis on anything else, which is not natural to our race.

That said, there can be change, however only if Whites stand up as a collective and put aside their differences, and that’s a big if which will almost certainly not happen. However, Whites can stand against all odds if that does happen. Rhodesia and South Africa, neither of which was more than 15% White at their peaks, only fell because they were totally isolated from the rest of the world and were unable to achieve self-sufficiency, otherwise they had immense success against the Black guerillas in their country and never lost against them in battle.

However, the same cannot be said of America, let alone the whole White world united. Not only would it be strong enough to withstand any foreign intervention, but it would be large enough to be able to achieve total self-sufficiency.

If we manage to take control of our countries again, and if manage to secure them as exclusively our own once again, the world will once more take an upward Faustian path, a path of rich culture, civilization, and discovery. Our countries will be clean and beautiful once more, people will once more be happy and satisfied in life, and most importantly, our whole existence will be secured and the legacy of the tens of thousand of years of ancestors that came before will be protected and will be able to be extended. If we lose, the world will sink into an eternal darkness and a dull state of eternal decay. If we lose, all of the dreams, hopes, achievements, legacies of the tens of thousands of years of ancestors of our people will have been in vain. No greater struggle exists than that between existence and non-existence, and it is quite telling that many of our people are more worried about the existence or non-existence of the Siberian Tiger than that of their very own flesh and blood. It will be a hard fight, but if we win, it shall be the greatest victory to ever be achieved in the whole history of our existence, putting to shame even the conquests of the British Empire and all the glories of Caesar and Napoleon, and all it takes is for us to once again regain our racial consciousness and to do what is necessary to preserve our race.

Footnotes[1] ‘I just found some white men to kill’: Man accused of killing 4 in Central California cites racism in police recording

[2] Rape, Beating of Bronx Woman Racially Motivated: Records

[3] Former Minneapolis police officer’s murder conviction reversed in deadly shooting of Australian woman

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    So we see it’s NOT “white supremacy,” it’s white stupidity.

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