P.G.E. Campaigns Against Whites

As I’ve pointed out many times before, the Establishment Left will inject race, and anti-whiteism, into every aspect of human existence. Since the ultimate eradication of whites is first and foremost on their minds, at every waking moment, they’ll find ways to incorporate this message at every opportunity.

Here’s one example from P.G.E. (Portland General Electric). I just got an email from them, inviting me to take a tour of their new model homes, designed to combat Climate Change. It’s called Homes of Tomorrow Today, and it somewhat reminds me of so many other Communist-inspired slogans, such as “Build Back Better.” Here are the graphics included in the presentation:

In case you’re dense, and need help seeing the obvious, I’ll spell it out: Four white females are featured here, and the last image features a white woman with a black man and mixed children. The only white man shown is a distant aerial view showing a pair of pale arms installing solar panels. This image comes directly before the one with the mixed couple – the implication being that the white man’s role is to serve, and work toward a future where his genetic legacy is replaced by that of the black man.

Indoctrinated people will glance at this post, and remark, “It’s just random people! Why do these racists read so much into simple, random, graphics?”

If you’re one of these people, then find a similar example where the roles are reversed. Even if you do find such an example, it’s one in a thousand; the P.G.E. example is the norm. We see it everywhere. Children see it as they grow up, and it shapes their views of the world – we can only assume that this is the goal.

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3 Responses to P.G.E. Campaigns Against Whites

  1. Lon Spector says:

    It’s a two-pronged pincer strategy: Flood the border with POC.
    Compel whites to take the poison jab.
    A two-in-one plan to genocide the Deplorable.
    The elites can retreat to their island paradises with a sacrificial supply of
    children and pretty women. No white guys allowed.
    Party! Party! Party!

  2. The Friendly Grizzly says:

    PGE has a captive market. If you live in certain districts in Portland, that is where you get your electricity. No way around it unless residential power can be “wheeled” in Portland.

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