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Voice of North Korea Speaks up for Whites

One of the channels I subscribe to on YouTube is Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park. She’s a budding conservative thinker, and her background gives her a perspective most of us simply don’t have. She was actually featured on … Continue reading

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The China Virus, as I see it

If you refer to the “about” section of this blog, you’ll see nothing about trying to be popular; I’ll put my opinions out there, and you can either agree or not – and you can explain why in comments. If … Continue reading

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Newsweek Playing it Safe

I’ve got to admit, a lot of good opinion pieces have been coming out of Newsweek lately; they’re definitely a notch or two above the likes of CNN or the Washington Post. Today, they published an article by columnist Charles … Continue reading

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Portland Enjoys Diversity – Has a Five-Year Plan

There was a time when blacks were banned from Oregon. Today’s media organizations tell us how evil this was. For example, this Washington Post article describes it as a shameful chapter in our history. All other media outlets seem to … Continue reading

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