Portland Enjoys Diversity – Has a Five-Year Plan

There was a time when blacks were banned from Oregon. Today’s media organizations tell us how evil this was. For example, this Washington Post article describes it as a shameful chapter in our history. All other media outlets seem to agree. Modern Oregonians are constantly reminded of our “racist past,” and how we must work harder to overcome it…

… and overcome it we have. The Portland area has been growing more Diverse. Thank goodness!! Now we can enjoy the wonders of Diversity:

But let us not worry; the Portland Police Association has released a “Five-Year Plan” to tackle the problem*. The Five-Year Plan includes:

Engaging in proactive community policing in our neighborhoods

Addressing the deadly surge in gun and gang violence.

Both of these are code for “trying to address black violence in the city.” It’s no secret that most of this violence comes from young black males. Nobody denies it – but hey, they wanted more Diversity, and they got it.

I do find it disturbing that the Portland Police Association would use the term “Five-Year Plan.” I’m not a history professor, but I’m well aware of the history of this term. Both the Soviet Union and Communist China were infamous for their implementation of Five-Year Plans.

There are two possibilities here. Either the Association is completely oblivious to the history of the term Five-Year Plan, or they’re aware of it. Both possibilities are disturbing. This is ominous. It bolsters the impression many of us already had: Powerful elites are using forced Diversity to create mayhem and chaos, which they can then use as an excuse to impose martial law and authoritarianism. We’re already seeing this in Australia, where authorities are actually using the term “New World Order” as they capitalize on the China Virus to behave more like Communist China, depriving citizens of their most basic rights.

In America, there is too much resistance to the single China Virus approach, not to mention the fact that we’re still armed. Here, the authorities are using a two-pronged approach: China Virus + rising crime.

In other news, Wendy’s manager Demarrus Pritchett throws hot oil on customer Zayveon Johnson. From the moment their mothers named them Demarrus and Zayveon, trouble had been brewing.

Oh, the wonders of Diversity!

*The original story that led me to this article described it as a “Five-Year Plan.” However, the linked article refers to it as a “Five-Year Vision.” I think they changed the name after somebody pointed out the historic significance of the original name. When the other story was written, it hadn’t yet been changed.

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    They’ll be much more diversity. Hoards of Haitians are headed this way.
    They are after “white booty,” figerativity and literality

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