Newsweek Playing it Safe

I’ve got to admit, a lot of good opinion pieces have been coming out of Newsweek lately; they’re definitely a notch or two above the likes of CNN or the Washington Post.

Today, they published an article by columnist Charles Love. It’s titled “Did the Media Bury a Mass Shooting Because the Shooter Was Black?” and it deals with an incident brought to our attention by American Renaissance a few days ago.

While it’s great that Newsweek published this article, and it’s great that Mr. Love did a fine job writing it, I find it disturbing that, in the year 2021, “reputable” news sources still consider it necessary to take certain precautions when bringing up black crime.

In his opinion piece, Mr. Love emphasizes that the Corporate Media’s policy of defending blacks, especially black criminals, leads to more blacks dying. This is true – but what about non-blacks who are victimized by black criminals? Is their blood not as red? Mr. Love is aware, as is his publisher, that any concern for white victims of black crime would invite massive scorn, boycotts and probably the departure of several advertisers. Best to be cautious, and focus only on black victims. What a sordid state of affairs!

Mr. Love is black, and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that it was he who felt empowered to broach the truth in this matter. In practice, white writers are more limited in what they can say. White voices are not heard.

Even Mr. Love shied away from calling the Corporate Media’s adoration of black by its name. Instead, he refers to it as “its support of woke identity politics.”

Worse still, in my view, is Mr. Love’s claim that “black men are over-criminalized and portrayed as violent.” On the contrary. Black men are UNDER-criminalized, and portrayed as wise and all-knowing. In order for them to be over-criminalized, the Corporate Media would have to OVER-report black crime, and this is clearly not the case – as Mr. Love very well knows. It would be interesting to ask him how he reconciles his claims that a) the media defends blacks as a matter of policy and b) the media “over-criminalizes” blacks. There might, indeed, be a good answer.

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2 Responses to Newsweek Playing it Safe

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Is it any wonder why the USA is suffering from stage 4 terminal cancer?

  2. Lon Spector says:

    Don’t look for the situation to change anytime soon.

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