The China Virus, as I see it

If you refer to the “about” section of this blog, you’ll see nothing about trying to be popular; I’ll put my opinions out there, and you can either agree or not – and you can explain why in comments. If somebody is going to hate me for my opinions, then I don’t need that person as a friend anyway. Warning: Graphic photo near the bottom.

With that in mind, I’ll now lay out my thoughts on the China Virus:

  1. Trump was right to call it The China Virus. I won’t get upset if you call it something else, and I often do so myself, but we should place the blame where it appears to belong: The Chinese Communist Party.
  2. This virus is real. It’s not simply a variety of the flu. Plenty of conspiracies surround it, but its very existence shouldn’t be in question.
  3. The China Virus is not something we should shrug off, and we shouldn’t disregard all warnings regarding it simply because they come from sources we hate. Healthy skepticism is good, but we shouldn’t reject everything scientists/doctors say just because we know that science and medicine have been severely compromised. Even liars are right sometimes, and to varying degrees.
  4. The China Virus has been politicized way too much. Whether you’ve had the vaccine, or wear a mask, shouldn’t be a litmus test for your political views. One can be a flaming leftists and still reject the China Virus narrative, and one can be “Far-Right” and still get the vaccine or wear a mask. These are matters of personal choice. Like so many other things, we can disagree and still respect each other or be friends.
  5. The Establishment Left/Deep State has clearly used the China Virus as a tool to impose tyranny, especially in places like Australia. We, in the United States, need to fight tooth and nail against vaccine mandates and other overreaching dictates from the Commies who now sit in the White House and in Congress.
  6. We’ve clearly been lied to about the number of China Virus fatalities. Numbers have been inflated to justify more power-grabs by governments.
  7. Corporations have also taken advantage of the pandemic to excuse poor customer service and inflated prices.
  8. The China Virus affects different people differently, and it’s still unclear why. Obviously, if you have other complications, such as obesity, then you’re more at risk – but you can still die from it even if you’re young and healthy. I met an older gentleman recently who had just gotten out of the hospital, where he had been intubated for about two months due to the China Virus. He barely made it out alive. Even though he was out of the hospital, he struggled to breath, as if he were suffering from late-stage emphysema. His voice was labored and raspy. He showed me his foot, which had been impacted by the disease, and allowed me to photograph it:
He might lose his small toe

In case you’re wondering, the man HAD been vaccinated. I’ve spoken to other China Virus survivors, and their stories support my above statement, that each person reacts differently. Needless to say, I have NOT spoken to anybody who did NOT survive the disease, but I do have friends and family who have lost loved ones.

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3 Responses to The China Virus, as I see it

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Understand that the vile Marxist dog will ALWAYS accuse you of what HE
    Trump colluding with Russia to steal elections? It was actually Communist
    China with the 1% Power Elite Globalists who colluded to wrest any degree
    of autonomy from average people who have the termanity to believe in God.
    This vermin and swine will not be happy with anything less than total control.
    As their master Satan says, “The ends justify the means.”
    Human life means nothing to them.
    The devil has hypnotic power over the whole world. He can control the deceived
    populace to eagerly board the cattle cars that take them to their deaths.

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