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Black Airbnb Tenant Triggered by Cotton Field

I know it’s a cliche’ but you can’t make this stuff up. From The Daily Dot: ‘Cotton fields is not normal’: Black TikToker says she showed up to Airbnb with cotton field, sparking debate “Y’all why did my cousin book … Continue reading

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New Information Prompts Federal Charges Against Rittenhouse

Thanks to the good work of CNN’s investigative reporters Melanie Ellis and Blake Hicken, the Federal Government can be more proactive in prosecuting white-supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse. Though The Independent, and other sources, had retracted their initial reports that Rittenhouse’s victims … Continue reading

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Two Powerful Must-See Videos

They speak for themselves. The first is on Odysee, and it doesn’t appear that it’s possible to embed Odysee videos into WordPress, so follow this link: We Have a Serious Racial Issue in America Here’s the second, from Paul Joseph … Continue reading

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ProPublica Struggles with Traffic Stops of Hispanics

In an article titled “If Everybody’s White, There Can’t Be Any Racial Bias”: The Disappearance of Hispanic Drivers From Traffic Records Richard A. Webster, Hannah Fresques and Irena Hwang complain that police departments are in the habit of listing Hispanic … Continue reading

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A Benefit of Living in Latin America: The Simple Life

A few years ago, while vacationing in Mexico, I decided to rent a scooter. It was an old, beat up, scooter, but it was functional and cheap. I had a lot of fun with it, and the day came when … Continue reading

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Imgur: An Anti-White Cesspool

Sometimes, I enjoy mining Imgur for cute cat/dog videos. Yes, I like that sort of thing, and Imgur is a good place to find it. But when it comes to politics of any kind, Imgur is infested with Marxists and … Continue reading

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Good News from Kenosha

Like all decent Americans, and freedom-loving people around the world, I’m greatly relieved by the not-guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. My relief, however, is tempered by concerns over his safety. If he stays in America, he’ll have to … Continue reading

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The 2021 American Renaissance Conference

We had a smaller crowd this year than previous years, at least partially due to Covid travel restrictions; The Biden regime has no problem allowing untold thousands of unvaccinated illegal aliens to storm our borders – because they’re “not intending … Continue reading

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Bonei Olam: A Lesson from the Jewish Community

Y’all may have noticed the dearth of posts here recently, and the reason for this is that I’ve been on the move, traveling from place to place visiting family – ultimately ending up in Tennessee for the upcoming American Renaissance … Continue reading

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