Imgur: An Anti-White Cesspool

Sometimes, I enjoy mining Imgur for cute cat/dog videos. Yes, I like that sort of thing, and Imgur is a good place to find it. But when it comes to politics of any kind, Imgur is infested with Marxists and anti-whitism.

Sometimes, people will post questions. One of them asked:

What is the most unbelievably racist thing you’ve ever had happen to you?

This question was followed up with a story from a white man and his adopted black child, and how they were harassed by a black woman. Various people related their own experiences with racism in comments.

Of course, I chimed in with a synopsis of my experiences during forced busing in L.A.:

I was attacked by a mob of blacks because of the color of my skin. I also had a knife to my throat and rocks thrown at me – all by blacks

Longer comments aren’t allowed in Imgur; it’s a bit like Twitter in this regard.

Hardly a day later, I got this warning from Imgur moderation:

Hi there!

We’re writing to let you know that the comment you shared,, has been removed from Imgur’s public community for violating our Community Rules located at

Your comment:

“I was attacked by a mob of blacks because of the color of my skin. I also had a knife to my throat and rocks thrown at me – all by blacks.”

Imgur is open to anyone and we do not tolerate abusive, hateful, harassing, bullying, or discriminatory content. We want to keep Imgur a fun place for everyone, so we ask that you please keep the rules in mind when posting. If you violate our rules again, your account may be suspended or disabled.

If you would like to learn more or contact our support team, please visit This is a no-reply message.

Obviously, Imgur considers it “harassment, abusive and hateful” to relate stories of racism if the perpetrators are black.

Meanwhile, Imgur users bash whites at every opportunity. For example:

There is no indication that the white man’s race had anything to do with it. His whiteness was brought up only in order to attack white people in general. Of course, I reported it, but it’s doubtful anything will be done about it. This is normal on Imgur. The comments were just as bad, often assuming that the white man was simply bothered by the presence of a Mexican.

I continue to mine Imgur for cat videos – but I also take jabs at Marxist memes, and challenge some of their assumptions. I don’t expect to last long before they ban me. The echo-chamber must be maintained you know.

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    I don’t see the situation improving.

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