Black Airbnb Tenant Triggered by Cotton Field

I know it’s a cliche’ but you can’t make this stuff up. From The Daily Dot:

‘Cotton fields is not normal’: Black TikToker says she showed up to Airbnb with cotton field, sparking debate

“Y’all why did my cousin book this AirBnB with a cotton field in the yard?” TikToker @thechocolateweeb writes in the overlay text of a now-viral video she posted on Friday…

“It is actually pretty decent inside,” Bell says. “Being put in an area like [a cotton field] unexpectedly as a Black person does trigger you a little bit and makes you feel uncomfortable.”

She also mentions that she experienced an “urge” to pick the cotton—not that she wanted to “go back to slavery,” of course.

“It’s an odd feeling that you feel so close to history,” Bell says.

Three questions come to mind.

Firstly, did her sensitivity to history come to her through family tradition, by word of mouth from her grand parents or great grandparents? If so, then I might have some sympathy. In my eyes, the transfer of family history, from generation to generation is a beautiful thing; it’s an important component to a natural, organic, self. If she was brought up, from an early age, with such family traditions, because she came from a family of sharecroppers, then (at least in my mind), her being triggered might be a normal thing. In a sense, she’s living her own history. Good for her…

But it’s more likely that her sensitivity comes from years of public school “We Was Slaves!” curriculum, corporate media victim-indoctrination and Afro-centric movies. In other words, junk-sources.

I’d like to take credit for first noticing this type of distinction, but I actually saw it in a YouTube video concerning historic Chinese traditions. I think it was a video by Laowhy. I can’t locate the specific video right now. In any case, After decades of destroying authentic Chinese traditions and artifacts, the Chinese Communist Party is now encouraging Confucianism, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Traditional Chinese Medicine – and harnessing the power of these traditions to its own nefarious ends. The result is an outer shell of what LOOKS LIKE traditional Chinese culture, but is actually a tool of tyranny. Communists in the US have done the same thing with black history.

My second question is: Where does all this end? Does this woman get triggered by trees? After all, many blacks were lynched on trees. Maybe her cloths contain cotton. Why is she not triggered by that?

My third question is: If something as innocuous as a cotton field can “spark debate,” then we should ask ourselves how we allowed our society to become so fragile. We should be looking for ways to cure this insanity.

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5 Responses to Black Airbnb Tenant Triggered by Cotton Field

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Once a black was lynched from a suspension bridge. This was a very rare
    method. As black author Randell Kennedy writes in his book “Interracial
    Intamacies,” “The victims of lynchings usually did SOMETHING to arouse
    antaganism.” In this case the victim had an affair with his employer’s fifteen
    year old daughter, impregnated her, and encouraged her to commit suicide
    by taking posion.
    The book is interesting. It makes the case that whites were indifferent to
    interracial affairs during slavery days. (Not all blacks were slaves.)
    Only after slavery did the objection to race mixing relationships occurr.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I find it hard to believe that whites were indifferent to race mixing, but the part about lynching victims not being so innocent rings true.

      • Lon Spector says:

        Interracial marriage goes back a long time.
        The first known interracial marriage was an Irish woman
        who married a black in the 1600’s. Also, there was the
        5 towns slum section in N.Y.C. There was a mixture of Irish,
        Blacks, and Jews. Many Irish women went with blacks.
        Some white men even married up with white women who gave
        birth to bi-racial babies.
        If a slave woman gave birth to her master’s baby, the child was a slave. Sometimes a white woman would give birth to
        a slave’s baby, and there was a problem classifying the
        If a poor white woman claimed rape by a slave, the master
        might take the slave’s side because the slave was valuable
        properity and the crop needed to get out.

  2. 370H55V says:

    “[W]e should ask ourselves how we allowed our society to become so fragile. We should be looking for ways to cure this insanity.”

    All this happened because we let women run things. Run them out of power and we will return to normal.

    • Lon Spector says:

      It happened incrementally, like weeds chocking out a garden.
      The conman/psychopath ALWAYS operates under the guise of virtue,
      like the child molester who acts as a helper/coach of children or and
      abuser who hides behind a clerical collar. Politicians and actors are
      good examples. The Devil’s two primary locations are Washington D.C.
      and Hollywood C.A.
      The Devil actually DESTROYS while claiming to build. “Build back better,”
      comes from the pit of hell.

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