Sam Dickson’s Amren 2021 Speech

Correction: Earlier I referred to Mr. Dickson’s definition of “white people,” but it turns out he didn’t include the definition in this speech; it was during a debate – which probably won’t be published.

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One Response to Sam Dickson’s Amren 2021 Speech

  1. Lon Spector says:

    If your skin is white and you love God, you must leave this graveyard of
    a country. People who believe the country can be restored in 2022 or 2024
    are just whistling past the graveyard. And there’s really no place that a white
    person can flee to except to a pragmatic Asian country. While they would never
    gain complete acceptance, Asians would allow a person they saw as an asset to
    their country to live unmolested. Everywhere else in the world, self hating whites
    are cooperating with their own gradual genocide. Everything for the 1%.

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