Fedex’s Diversity Policy in Action

A while back, it was discovered that hundreds of Fedex packages had been dumped in a ravine in Alabama. Now we have a suspect. From Wave3:

Man arrested after dumping FedEx packages in ravine in Blount Co.

Authorities in Blount County say a man from Adamsville is facing charges for dumping packages into a ravine.

Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon said 22-year-old Deandre Charleston has been named as the suspect in the case. Sheriff Moon said he worked for a company that is contracted by FedEx, and has been terminated, but is now working for another delivery service. He is expected to be arrested after his route on Friday.

Sheriff Moon said Charleston dumped packages into a ravine in the 700 block of River Oak Trail on five separate occasions. Property owners actually found the packages as they were showing the home to potential buyers.

Moon said 153 packages worth more than $15,000 were able to be recovered. 247 packages worth more than $24,000 were unrecognizable, or unable to be delivered.

Deandre Charleston, 22.

This is not the sort of crime that necessarily screams, “A BLACK man did it!” Lazy, unprincipled people exist in all demographics. However, when Diversity becomes a “value,” then it must come at the expense of other values – values such as hiring the right people for the job, people with good work ethics, of strong moral character and who are responsible.

Fedex is keen on using only Diverse subcontractors. On its “Supplier Diversity” page, Fedex boasts…

$2.6 billion spent with women-owned and minority-owned companies in FY20.

Fedex partners with several POC advocacy organizations, including “National Minority Supplier Development Council,” “TriState Minority Supplier Development Council,” and “Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC).” In order to be a Fedex subcontractor, one must fill out an application, which asks whether your company is “minority-owned.” This is a priority for Fedex.

Without such policies and priorities, race would probably never come into the equation. As stated, undesirables come from all backgrounds – but since Fedex places so much emphasis on hiring non-whites, it’s fair to ask: Might all those customers have received their packages intact, and on time, if Fedex had simply hired the best people for the job?

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4 Responses to Fedex’s Diversity Policy in Action

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Years ago there was a conservative talk radio host named Bob Grant.
    Ocassionaly he would have aspiring religious reformers on his show; people
    who wanted to reform long standing institutions from WITHIN.
    He would ask them, “Why do you want to stay inside the church and change it?
    You can start a new group. This is very simular to Gentiles who call themselves
    the REAL Jews. Many Blacks do this.
    If A.R. thinks they can restore America to what it was in the decade of the 1950’s
    they are sadly mistaken. Too many wicked people have too much at stake to stop
    the exploitive downfall. Like power mad hungry drug addicts they’re putting the
    pedal to the metal. EVERYTHING is justifiable to these hateful madmen. Genocide
    is on their minds.
    Why not leave America? It certainly left us a long time ago. For advice look up
    Caleb Jones and Turd Flinging Monkey.

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  3. Kentucky Headhunter says:

    I was wondering why a Louisville, KY TV station would be reporting this story on it’s web site when I remembered that the UPS World Hub is in Louisville.

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